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How to Give While Social Distancing

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December 22, 2020

Part of the holiday season in our home is giving and being thankful for what we have. If you’re wondering how to give while social distancing, here are a few simple ideas that you and your family can do this season.

Of course, the easiest way to give is by making a charitable contribution. You can head online to donate or send in a check. Or, you can donate a bag of groceries at the supermarket. I’ve seen donation boxes for toys at the dollar store and pet food at our veterinarians’ office. You don’t need to make a huge donation in order to help. Rounding up your payment combined with others can make a huge difference. Do what you can and it will be appreciated.

Give back in your community by helping your neighbors. Is there someone who is elderly or disabled that would appreciate having their driveway shoveled? Or, if the weather is warmer in your area, could you help mow the lawn or walk their dog?

Shop at local businesses in your area to help support your community. Purchase a gift card to a local restaurant you can use in the future. Shop on Etsy to support local handmade artisans, And, be sure that when you do shop online, you buy products made in the USA. This helps keep our workers employed so they can enjoy the holidays with their families this year.

Give blood if you are able. Now more than ever, hospitals need people to donate blood in case of emergencies. We still have weather disasters and other emergencies that our hospitals still need to deal with. And, their resources are running low right now. Your donation is appreciated.

Volunteer virtually by answering the telephones for a hotline service. Just a few suggestions include the National Domestic Violence Hotline and the Sexual Assault Hotline.

Host a fundraiser. Many direct sales companies allow their representatives to host fundraisers. Find on in your area and ask about holding a party with the proceeds being donated to your favorite nonprofit or your local school system.

While it may not be as easy to give while we are social distancing, it is still possible with a little bit of creative thinking. Be sure that you build in time to give back to others in your community and those in need during the holidays. They need our help even more than ever right now.

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