Black & Blue, Texture & Patterns: Focus on Fall Fashion

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July 11, 2013

The back-to-school flyers are hitting the mailboxes and inboxes at a rapid pace and yet it is only July.  A new backpack may not be on your most wanted list but some of the following fall trends just might be. Get ready to be inspired by some of the autumn’s simple, chic and colorful style.

Black & Blue & More

Black and white isn’t going anywhere for the next season. Take it up a notch and infuse some warmth by adding in ivory, shades of cream, and winter white to give depth to this contrasting look.  Go beyond this stark-but-chic basic with pops of color like cobalt blue (huzzah, it is still in fashion) and purple.  Think saturated plum shades to color block into your daily office ensembles and weekend wear for a look that is sharp and in sync with the latest runway style.  Don’t forget that the cooler months are a perfect time to go monochromatic too.  Break out an all-black look or pick up that winter white suit you crave because it is always a classic staple for any wardrobe.


Fall 2013 is all about texture.  The runways were full of thick tweeds, lace-covered accessories and overlays, and a whole lot of shine.  It didn’t stop there.  Major details on everything from suits and coats to dresses and shoes were showcased. Sparkly pieces like sequins, mirrored bits, feathers and fur-trimmings will be seen on all things fall.  This season it is about feeling just as much as seeing.  Bring out your studded bags and shoes, lay on some deco-inspired necklaces over plain tops and don’t be afraid of shiny leathers or croc-based fabrics with a gleam to the skin. Work these ideas into your daily basics for spot on fashion this fall.


Just like textures, patterns will be played up in many ways this coming fall season.  Plaids in reds are particularly popular but look for bright yellows and oranges with black accents to set things off.  Pinstripes in dresses and work wear are back and causing an elegant stir.  Leopard is the hottest animal print in town and is often seated next to bright blues, greens and reds.  Try out a pair of leopard pumps for diversion from a monochromatic outfit.  The winner of the pattern wars this season is by far herringbone.  Being used on coats, fitted jackets, suits, dresses and bags, herringbone is one of fall’s biggest trends.

Don’t worry if this small peek into the fall season doesn’t draw you in and crave cozy knits and oversized coats.  There are many styles, more colors and accessories to come!

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