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A Delicious, Healthy Meal with Mama Lucia Meatballs #loveyourmama

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September 18, 2017

This article is sponsored by Mama Lucia Meatballs.

I’m the first to admit that dinners at my house are chaotic. I love the idea of sitting down with my family for a home-cooked meal, with all of us sharing about the day. Unfortunately, that’s almost never a reality! We typically grab something quick as we pass through the kitchen on the way to carpool or activities or homework. Sometimes the kids eat in the car! I’m lucky if two of us dine at the same time as we multitask at the kitchen table.

But even if our evenings are frantic, I still want to put good, nutritious food on the table. I love my crockpot because the food can be served warm whenever anyone has time to eat. One of my favorite dishes is meatballs simmered in sauce all day, then served over any type of pasta. If your family loves meatballs, too, Mama Lucia Meatballs make the perfect dinner option. They are gluten-free, flame-boiled, and come in four delicious flavors. Now it’s super easy for you to create a quick, healthy meal at the last minute. Even better? They’re offering up a $1 coupon for your purchase. Check it out HERE.

Our SocialMoms love these meatballs too, and shared some amazing recipes for you to try! Check them out below:

Jesenia Montanez with The Latina Homemaker shows us how to make amazing Italian Meatball Sliders with rolls, meatballs, marinara sauce, and two types of cheese.


Jehava Brown at Only Girl 4 Boyz whipped up an awesome Simple Swedish Meatball dish using meatballs, sour cream, flour, butter, seasoning, and egg noodles.


Carolina King with Mama Instincts shows her creative side, creating a Meatball Person with meatballs, broccoli, peppers, celery, and cheese!


Finally, check out this delicious Baked Penne Pie by Jennifer Buggica at The Foodie Patootie. Her recipe includes meatballs, penne pasta, a hard boiled egg, ricotta and others cheeses, and seasoning.

Want more recipes? Search the hashtag #loveyourmama on Facebook and Instagram to see some of our other SocialMoms’ recipes and let us know what you think.

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