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November 28, 2016

I love my core circle of girl friends. Whether we are heading to the movies or dinner, it’s fun to get out of our yoga pants and into something a little fancier. But sometimes it’s even more fun to have them over for a Girls’ Night In. Take a break from all the winter parties and invite the girls over for a book club, evening of Bunko, or even casual chatting around the table. Provide a few snacks—and of course a delicious beverage.

Tropicana is the perfect addition to any drink recipe. With their Tangerine Lemonade or Watermelon premium juice drinks, you have a wealth of options at your fingertips. But don’t take our word for it. Some of our Social Moms have put together amazing recipes for you to try. Taste one—or all seven!


Aly with Cooking in Stilettos put together a yummy Tangerine Mojito recipe:

Last minute entertaining always seems to happen around the holidays.Whether it’s friends dropping by to catch the game, a last minute Girls’ Night In, or just because, I’ve learned to keep a few things on hand to make my cocktail game easier. I often keep lemonade in the fridge to mix into cocktails and mocktails, and love to try various flavor fusions.



Annette at A Vintage Splendor came up with this delicious Tropical Winter Lemonade cocktail:

Regardless of any size party or gathering I host, I always love to have a theme and a special cocktail—it makes for an even better fete, I swear. “Gilmore Girls” kicks off in the winter, and since we’ll be deep in the holiday season by then, I’m thinking a bit of the tropics will make for a fun and memorable party.


I created a Winter Lemonade Cocktail that marries winter citrus with a summertime favorite drink. It’s perfectly sweet and light in flavor and is a great sipping cocktail for a day with the girls.


Jana at Merlot Mommy shares a Sparkling Tangerine Lemonade Cooler recipe:

Who doesn’t love a good Girls’ Night In? Sometimes after a busy week, my creativity and time to plan a fancy Girls’ Night In runs amuck. That’s when I turn to Tropicana’s Tangerine Lemonade to help elevate my social gatherings and step up my at-home mixology game.



Lexi with Glitter Inc came up with a delicious Sparkling Blackberry Lemonade Spritzer recipe:

I love throwing a get-together just because, and now that we have a little one, having friends over has become the perfect way to stay social without having to stress over finding a sitter or getting Scarlett home in time for bedtime.


Having ingredients on hand to throw together a fun cocktail or spritzer makes my party-throwing job so much easier and more festive.


Monica at Caravan of Style shares a Tangerine Lemonade Champagne Cocktail:

While I may not be hosting extravagant dinner parties every weekend, I have become the queen of brunch in my tight circle of girlfriends. Especially at this time of the year, when Chicago’s patio season ends and it takes a bit more effort to leave your cozy warm apartment, I tend to spend more time at home entertaining my friends.


I especially love hosting brunch. Everyone in Chicago loves brunch, and it’s fun creating a unique and delicious menu that shows off my culinary skills. While I’m a pretty good cook, I can really toot my own horn when it comes to mixing up the perfect brunch cocktail.


Paula with Bellalimento shares a Rosemary Lemonade Margarita:

I like to get together with mah girls. We all need time with our friends to catch up and blow off some steam. Sometimes it’s fun just to have a casual Girls’ Night In versus going out and struggling to have a decent conversation over the ruckus and mayhem at a restaurant or bar. Not to mention the expense. When I’m hosting a Girls’ Night In  it’s casual, no one has to  get gussied up. Shoes are optional and food and drinks are easy and effortless.



Shannah at My Suburban Kitchen shares a Tangerine Lemonade Smash recipe:

I am really fortunate to have an amazing group of ladies that I call friends. Unfortunately, our schedules get so crazy that it can be difficult to get together regularly. We do our best though, and have girls’ nights as often as possible. Sometimes that means a brunch at home or a jewelry party instead of a standard night out. But no matter what we are doing, the conversation is always great, the food is always delicious and, most importantly, the drinks, like this Tangerine Lemonade Smash, are phenomenal!



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