5 Ways to Keep Summer Hair Healthy

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July 18, 2014

Anyone with hair knows that summer is the time it can get the most distressed and damaged. Between the sun, humidity, saltwater and pools, hair becomes all the things we don’t want: dry, frizzy, tangled, split, even greenish.

Consider these 5 ways to keep hair looking it’s best this summer:

  1. Protect hair by using a leave in conditioner with built in SPF. This is most important if you color your hair and don’t want it to fade or turn brassy. Conditioner keeps your hair shiny and healthy and one with SPF offers protection for your scalp too. Try wearing a hat when you’re out in the strongest sun (11:00 AM – 4:00 PM). For pool swimming, wet hair with tap or hose water before you take the plunge. This protects your hair from absorbing too much chlorine. Don’t forget to use a chlorine removal shampoo and extra conditioner any day that you were in the pool.
  2. Nourish dry brittle hair with deep conditioning treatments or hair masks at least twice a week. You may not need to do this year round, but in summer it can make a world of difference. Choose products that cater to your particular needs – whether that be dry, damaged or frizzy hair. Homemade masks of mayonnaise, avocado or olive or coconut oils work great too. Argan oil can be a lifesaver for dry hair as well.
  3. Clean hair looks shiny and full. Anyone with oily scalp knows that summer brings about even more oil. Even if you don’t wash hair daily in the winter, make sure to wash it every day in summer. Scrub your scalp gently, but hard enough to remove oils and residue of extra products you may be using to guard against frizziness or dryness. Yes, you can actually have an oily scalp and dry ends!
  4. Visit the salon more frequently. Summer hair can use a trim on the ends every 4-6 weeks. Salons also offer deep conditioning treatments for intense results. If you lighten or highlight your hair, you may want to keep it a shade darker as the sun will lighten it too. Or skip the highlights for summer.
  5. Style your hair with less blow drying (or none) and less gels and sprays that dry hair. Take these weeks to skip the blow drying as much as possible and try some simple summer styles like classic low pony tails, pretty loose buns, headbands or just let your natural waves take the spotlight. Between the sun and the blow dryer, hair not only dries out but can break more easily resulting in awful split ends and a less than desired frizzy look.

Spending a little extra time to show your hair some love this summer will keep it looking shiny and beautiful.

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