Feeling Blue? Color Combos For Fall 2016

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September 28, 2016

No season is complete without a slew of ‘it’ colors and tips for new color pairings. Fall and winter 2016 are no different. We’ve scoured the magazines, fashion websites, and blogs so we could bring you the best ideas to help you look fresh and fall-tastic during this cool, crisp-weather season.

Feeling Blue

Navy is the Color of Fall

While it doesn’t exactly stand out as a classic autumn color, it is definitely a great neutral and one that will carry you through the entire year and into 2017.

How to Wear It

  • The navy shade is anything goes right now: from navy-hued nail polish to deep and dark eyeliner shades.
  • Add a dash of rich style by wearing patent navy heels or flats. Accent an outfit with a navy belt or bag.  Scarves are big right now, whether tied to a purse or worn short and chic around the neck.
  • Be bold and find a navy dress, coat, or shirt dress to play up the color.  Keep everything else neutral.

Blue Palette

The blue palette is in full swing, with tones ranging from sky blue to sea shades–and everything in between. Looks like blue is having a moment. We’re not just talking denim, either. The monochromatic look of varying shades of blue is easy to achieve and can flatter everyone. Want a dash of color to alter those blue skies? Consider mixing blue with the following colors to spice up your wardrobe and daily ensembles:

  • Rust, a total fall color, is hot this season. Pair it with a lighter shade of blue for a total now look. This brown-orange shade looks great in boots, suede fabrics, coats, and tops.
  • Hunter green is the green for 2016. When worn with navy or dark denim it looks classic and very elegant. Consider adding a hunter green handbag to a navy dress, or blouse to a pencil skirt.
  • Burgundy is beautiful. Those burgundy jeans you bought are going to look so good with medium blue shades, while your lighter washed jeans will pair wellwith a deep navy blue coat.
  • Blush pink is still a thing even this late in the year. It looks new again when accenting light sky blue hues to create a cozy weekend look.

Mustard & Pink

This sweet pairing might evoke thoughts of spring, but the pale pink softness looks outstanding when placed with the saturated yellow, back-to-school pencil tones.

How to Wear It

A flowing tunic or tab sleeve blouse or button down with a yellow wool skirt or slim-fitting pants will get you through the day. Keeping the pink on top and the yellow on bottom, paired with black accessories, creates a sharp fall/winter look.


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