Tips to Extend Your Warm-Weather Wardrobe into Fall

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August 26, 2011

In August, the warm summer days are capped off with cooler evenings, foreshadowing the chilly fall weather on its way in the coming months. Dressing for the transition into fall style can be a challenge. Do you forego wearing summer dresses completely because of the brisk mornings and then roast in the hot afternoon sun later in the day? You don’t have to suffer during the fluctuating temperatures. These five essential pieces make it simple to transition your summer wardrobe into fall:


As the thermometer drops, strappy sandals feel too bare on fresh September mornings. Rather than opting for a traditional closed-toe pump, try a peep-toe. This will give you a summer feel but keep your feet going strong throughout the day and straight through to a cool night. Not looking forward to higher heels? No problem. Look for peep-toe shoes that have kitten or wedge heels for style without the “ouch” factor.
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Cover up.

When the weather starts to really cool down and having bare legs is simply no longer bearable you don’t have to kiss your summer skirts goodbye. Instead, add tights! Have some fun and choose tights in a bright color or a pattern like houndstooth to pair with neutral summer skirts and dresses.

Tie One On.

Your best bet for getting more wear out of your summer dresses and tops is to invest in a couple of colorful scarves. Perfect for adding a punch of color to any outfit, these versatile pieces will keep you warm on days with a brisk wind. Scarves are also great tools for making new outfits out of old standbys. Change up your scarf – and voila – a completely new look.
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In the Trench(es).

A classic trench will go with everything from jeans to workwear. Choose a classic cut and buy the best you can afford. You will have it for years and it will never go out of style. If you can, choose one with a removable lining that will allow you to wear it through November.

Go Corporate.

A jacket instantly adds more style to any outfit. A tailored fit will accentuate your waist and you can toss one over a tank or sleeveless dress to extend the life of your hot weather garb well into autumn. But remember, if you find a jacket isn’t giving you enough warmth, it might be time to start wearing warmer fabrics and to kiss the summer clothes goodbye (for this year at least).
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