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Local Marketing Tips for Direct Sellers and Beyond

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October 23, 2012

Many mompreneurs find their niche in direct sales. From Mary Kay to Pampered Chef and everything in between, women are finding opportunities to create a profitable business from home.

But what if sales are declining or that market is all tapped out?  Making money in direct sales is mostly about getting as many people as possible to see your offer – the greater the number of people who see it, the greater your chances of making a sale.

So which marketing techniques are best suited for direct sellers?  Here are 5 lesser-used local marketing strategies that can help get your products in front of more of your ideal prospects:

Welcome Wagons

Many communities have Welcome Wagon services where they prepare packets of information from local businesses to give to new residents.  This is a great opportunity for you to include your brochure, business card and even a few samples.   To find out if your community has this service, contact your local Chamber of Commerce.

Apartment Complex Resident Days

Some up-scale apartment complexes hold periodic “Resident Days” or “Meet the Community” days where they allow local businesses to set up a booth in the apartment clubhouse.  The event is promoted to residents and is generally low-cost or free for businesses to participate.  Outside of these days, some complexes distribute welcome packets to their residents, allowing for brochures from local businesses.  Contact the apartment complexes in your area to see if any offer these services.

Personal Letters

A very effective, easy and inexpensive method of marketing is the use of personal letters.  With personal letters, you can convey a sincere feeling and reach a special place in the mind of the reader.  These letters can be sent to past customers or to people you know or follow from a distance, and can be sent via email or regular mail. For instance, if you market kitchen gadgets, perhaps you know someone who is a great cook.  Write them and compliment their dishes and their great ability to throw parties. Then mention one of your products that may help them in the future.

School Raffles

Middle- and high-schools often hold raffles or silent auctions as a fundraising event.  This is an ideal opportunity for you to include some of your best products in a gift basket.  Be sure to add a brochure, your business card and instructions on how to order additional products.  If you have children in school or friends with kids in school, ask them to keep you updated on the next auction-type fundraiser, or call your local schools to inquire.

Company “Employee Day” Events

Many businesses host special fun days for their employees.  During these events, local businesses and entrepreneurs are allowed to set up a booth to provide discounted merchandise to company employees.  You can find out if your local businesses host these events by contacting your Chamber of Commerce or the companies directly.

While these marketing ideas are great for direct sellers, they can also apply to other types of businesses.  See if any of these ideas will work for you or let them spark additional creative marketing strategies that fit your needs.

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