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3 Tips for Increasing Traffic to Your Blog

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August 9, 2012

If you have a blog, chances are that you want people to read it.  Whether you have 2 subscribers or 2,222 you are always looking for ways to get more readers.  Here are a 3 tips that you can use to get those readers.

Comment on Other Blogs

Make sure you are logged in and your account is tied to your blog URL. When you leave your comments others can then click on your name and it will bring them to your blog.  The best way to maximize this is to leave interesting and educated comments.  Other commenters on these blogs will read your comment and you might even be able to get the blog owner him/herself to read and visit your site too.  Make sure to comment in the same style that you write on your blog with so they don’t get culture shock when clicking through to your site.

Note: Don’t spam other blogs and make sure you are commenting on sites with related content to your own. 

Social Media

If you are trying to reach the masses, definitely create a Facebook page and Twitter account for your blog. You should keep the Facebook page separate from your personal one. Your blog readers might want to see every update as far as your blog posts go, but they might not be interested in learning about your toddler’s sleep habits or checking out the daily posts of your new puppy. When it comes to Twitter, make sure that your tweets have meaning. It’s fun to tweet the occasional random thought going through your head, but if you are looking to drive traffic to your blog its imperative that you write a good teaser for your blog post. Then your followers will have a reason to click through to your link.

Note: Make sure to interact with your followers, not just send them a constant stream of links. 

Join Blog Hops

There are a wealth of blog hops out there just waiting for you to join. If you are unfamiliar with blog hops, they are basically a group of bloggers who decided to post about the same topic at the same time. They add links of all of the other bloggers in the hop on their post so their readers can travel or “hop” from blog to blog. You’ll have new readers hopping on over to your blog in no time if you title your article in a way that catches their eye. You can start out by doing a search for blog hops related to your topic.

Note: Because you may be getting new readers to your site – make sure your blog hop post is informative and contains links to other related content on your site. 

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