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March 29, 2016

I don’t know about your family, but mine craves adventure. My kids love to see new things but my wallet, sadly, can’t really afford to take them to all of the places that catch their fancy. Frankly, it’s not even possible to reach all of those places!

But then we stumbled across a gold mine of adventure. It takes no time to get there and doesn’t cost a dime. We found streaming live feeds. Almost any place or thing you can imagine, from a Las Vegas marriage chapel to foreign beaches, can be seen through the lens of a live camera on the Internet. Here are a few of our family’s favorites:


Unless you study for years and then find field work, there’s no way you’re going to be able to get up close and personal with the animal kingdom. Our first foray into live streams was with this feed from inside the nest of Sauces Bald Eagles in Channel Island National Park. From our living room we watched the mother eagle leave and return to the nest and the babies move around the small area.

The live cams on explore.org are some of the best we’ve found for animal feeds. You can peek in on pandas in Happiness Village in China or a Kitten Rescue in Los Angeles.

Africam.com offers a similar experience in which you can select various areas to view wildlife in their natural habitat. The description of the Naledi Wildlife cam tells us that it is a very remote watering hole in the middle of a free-range reserve that offers a realistic representation of African animals in the wild.

During open hours of 7 am and 7 pm, the famous Monterey Bay Aquarium will take you into the deep with their Open Sea Cam. The area teems with a huge variety of animals. It’s exciting to leave the feed up and imagine what you might spot! The Aquarium also provides many feeds from their exhibits inside. The otters can be especially cute.

Exotic Places

Far away and intriguing locations are the most common views you can find. However, it’s hard to find a reliable and interesting source. Skyline Webcams not only has amazing options like the pyramids in Egypt or a beach in the Philippines but they are usually available.

Out of this World

For an exotic place that is literally out of this world, check out this family favorite. International Space Station has pointed a camera at Earth and lets us come along for the ride. It’s especially fun to watch with a side-by-side map of precisely where the ISS is.

Whatever captures you imagination, there’s a pretty good chance you and your children will be able experience a piece of it from the comfort of your home!

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