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The Kitchen Pantry Scientist: Blog of the Week

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August 29, 2011

The Kitchen Pantry Scientist brings parents great science project ideas for kids!Science can be as easy as baking.  The Kitchen Pantry Scientist makes it simple for moms to open their kitchen cabinets and stir up some science for their kids’ hungry minds, using things they already have on hand.  To top it off, I provide easy to understand explanations for the science behind the fun.

SocialMom and all-around Renaissance woman, Liz Lee Heinecke, writes The Kitchen Pantry Scientist from her home in Edina, Minnesota. Liz has an M.S. in Bacteriology and an undergraduate degree in art. After working as a medical researcher for ten years, Liz now stays at home with her three kids, culturing more germs than ever!

Between setting up experiments for kids, Liz blogs about science news and food, teaches microbiology to nursing students, and sings and plays electric bass in a garage band.

Connect with Liz on SocialMoms and on Twitter @kitchpantrysci

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