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Eight ‘80’s Movies to Rewatch with Your Tween

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August 17, 2020

Ah … the ‘80’s. Revisit the era of big hair, neon and shoulder pads with your child by your side by re-watching a good old classic 1980’s movie. We’ve compiled a list of movie recos for every type of tween. Remember that ratings were different in the 80’s, so check to see if the movie will fit your tween’s maturity level before watching. Grab a bowl of popcorn and some candy and make it a movie night that promises to take you back in time.

For the tween in a rush to grow up….


When a tween boy (Tom Hanks!) makes a wish at a carnival genie to be big—he wakes up the next day to find that his body has morphed into an adult. Even though he’s still little on the inside, he needs to learn quickly how to navigate the grown-up world, which as all parents know, isn’t quite as fun as it seems. 

For the tween who likes scary movies….


A cute new pet turns out to be more than just a cuddly companion in this movie that’s just scary enough for a tween. 

For the tween that still believes in fairy tales…

The Princess Bride

Princess Buttercup and her true love, the dashing Westley face neverending battles on their way to their happily every after.

For the tween that loves to challenge herself mentally and physically….

The Karate Kid 

While dealing with school bullies, Daniel LaRusso befriends a martial arts master. But when Mr. Miyagi agrees to train Daniel in the ways of martial arts, he learns that it’s less about defending yourself and more about developing inner strength, confidence and wisdom.   

For the older tween who needs some good belly laughs…

Coming to America

Eddie Murphy stars as Prince Akeem, a wealthy prince who sets off from his insulated kingdom in search of a princess. When he lands in Queens, New York, he tries his best to blend in as an ordinary American … but laughter ensues as his princely ways meet the streets of NYC.  

For the tween who already has a few babysitting gigs lined up…

Adventures in Babysitting

When Chris Parker babysits the Anderson kids, a quiet evening in the ‘burbs turns into a night of adventure when the entire crew finds gets tangled up in mischief while out and about in the city of Chicago. 

For the tween who loves all things anime…

My Neighbor Totoro

When two sisters move to the country, they soon discover that the forest near their new town is inhabited by magical spirits called Totoros.

For the tween who believes mermaids are real…


Tom Hanks plays the role of a young NYC businessman who falls in love with a woman only to discover she isn’t exactly human … but rather a mermaid eager to experience the landlubbing life.

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