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Celeb Moms: Gwyneth Paltrow’s Wedding, Kim K Talks Baby Chicago, Olivia Wilde’s Gender-Neutral Parenting and More!

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May 1, 2018

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Have you been keeping up with the latest news and gossip about the world’s most famous moms? If not, we’ve got you covered. Here’s the scoop!

Gwyneth’s Kids Support Wedding

After being married to Coldplay frontman, Chris Martin, for 10 years, Gwyneth Paltrow announced their “conscious uncoupling” and the pair officially divorced in 2016. Together, they share two children, Apple, 13, and Moses, 12, and have shown a commitment to co-parent in a positive way.

As Paltrow prepares to marry producer, Brad Falchuk, she has shared that her kids are looking forward to the big event. She told Good Morning America, “Yeah, they are excited!”

This is a huge deal for the famous mama also because it will be the first time she’s ever had a big wedding. She explained, “Chris and I eloped so I’ve never had a wedding or any of these fun, bride kind of things, so I’m really enjoying myself.”

Kim Kardashian West Talks Baby Chicago

After traumatic births with daughter, North, 4, and son, Saint, 2, Kim Kardashian West was warned that another pregnancy could kill her. Still, she longed for at least one more child so she and husband, Kanye West, turned to a surrogate.

During a recent appearance on Ellen, Kardashian West explained that she was in the room with sister, Kourtney, as the surrogate gave birth while Kanye and his friends played Connect Four in an adjoining room.

When it came to choosing a name, the couple considered several others, including Donda after Kanye’s late mother, before settling on Chicago, the city where he grew up. She worried that naming the little girl after her grandmother might be too much pressure so they agreed on the unusual moniker as a different way of honoring Kanye’s upbringing.

Olivia Wilde’s Gender-Neutral Parenting

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis are parents to Otis, 4, and Daisy, 18 months. Wilde recently revealed that they have chosen to buck tradition and allow their children to grow up without enforcing gender stereotypes.

The actress explained that Otis loves the Disney film, Moana, and likes to think of himself as the central character despite the fact that he was born a boy and Moana is a girl. “I love hearing him sing,” she said. “It’s the best when you can watch them singing in the backseat of your car, and he’s just like, ‘I wish I could be the perfect daughter!’ And he’s just belting it out.”

While some have been critical of her approach, others have applauded her efforts to allow her son to experience life without the influence of social constructs. Regardless of anyone’s opinion, modern parents are navigating uncharted territory and child-rearing is definitely changing.

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