Great Movies for Valentine’s Day 2016

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February 2, 2016

Valentine’s Day is less than two weeks away and many of us are stressing about what to do that evening. If you’re single, you could plan a great solo getaway to pamper yourself. If you’re in a relationship, you may need help knowing what not to buy your significant other this year.

You could also just kick back, relax and plan a realistic, less stressful, Valentine’s Day. What’s better than just enjoying dinner and a movie, whether it’s in theaters or on your couch (or in bed!)? Here are some suggestions for great movies to see when you’re trying to keep things low-key:

In Theaters

The Finest Hours – Experience the havoc of a 1952 rescue mission after a massive nor’easter pummels towns in New England and rips the SS Pendleton, a T-2 oil tanker, in half and traps more than 30 sailors inside. In theaters January 29.

Hail Caesar – Craving a little dark comedy? Enjoy some laughs at the expense of Eddie Mannix, a man who specialized in fixing tough situations for Hollywood studios back in the 1950s. Things get particularly difficult when a star mysteriously disappears in the middle of making a movie! In theaters February 5.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies – You think you know the story of Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy but… what if a zombie outbreak had happened in 19th century England? What if the best zombie killer was also an upper class elitist? It’s hard to know what poor Jane Austen would think of this reimagining of her classic but it hits theaters on February 5.

Deadpool – If you and your significant other are superhero fans, you won’t want to miss this origin story of Wade Wilson, a Special Forces operative turned mercenary after he agrees to participate in a rogue experiment. Sure, he’s able to heal rapidly but it comes with a host of other, unexpected problems. After adopting the name Deadpool, Wilson hunts for the man who nearly destroyed his life. In theaters February 12.

How to Be Single – New York City is full of lonely people like Alice. And Robin (and Lucy, and Meg, and David, and Tom!). What these unmarrieds needs to learn is that there is a right way to be single and it doesn’t involve desperation. Instead, they must learn how to make the teasing texts, hook-ups and one-night stands work for them In theaters February 12.

Zoolander 2 – It’s been a long time coming but, finally, the sequel is here! The action takes place in Europe 10 years later with Derek and Hansel learning what it’s like to be irrelevant in a fickle fashion industry. Their lives plod along at a miserable pace until they must rely on their special skills to fight against an opposing company that attempts to put them out of business. In theaters February 12.

On the Hallmark Channel

Dater’s Handbook – Cassandra Barber wants to know why she always picks the wrong guy. After turning to a self-help book for answers, she must choose between two men in her life. Will she pick the reliable guy like the relationship expert suggests or follow her heart with the man who likes to have fun? Air dates: January 30, January 31, February 4, February 5, February 27 and March 26.

All Things Valentine – Avery is no fan of Valentine’s Day and is especially displeased when she’s assigned an advice column in the local newspaper devoted to the holiday. A chance encounter with Brendan makes her rethink her misery until she realizes that he’s been leaving mean comments on her column. Why? Because she advised his now ex-girlfriend to dump him! Air dates: January 31, February 2, February 6, February 14, March 19 and March 27.

Appetite for Love – Mina has it all. A great career, a committed boyfriend and a future that has already been planned out. While in her hometown in Tennessee for work, she finds herself face-to-face with her ex-boyfriend, now a restaurant owner who needs to make major changes to his property. Can she get him to negotiate without falling for him again? Air dates: February 6, February 9, February 13, February 14, March 13 and March 26.

Valentine Ever After – When Julia and Sydney leave the big city for a quick getaway on a dude ranch in Wyoming, they never expected to get into a bar fight and be sentenced to community service. As part of their penance, they plan a Valentine’s Day party for charity and a certain cowboy makes Julia question what she wants out of life. Air dates: February 13, February 14, February 20, February 21, and March 12.

Anything for Love – Katherine is a high-powered executive who is convinced that her love woes are the result of men being intimidated by her success. In an attempt to prove this, she creates an online dating profile and claims that she’s an assistant. Meanwhile, Jack creates his own profile and, instead of being correctly displayed as a male nurse, his friend secretly changes the listing to say he’s a doctor. After they are matched, will their true identities derail things? Airs on February 14.

What are you doing for Valentine’s Day? Will you be watching any of these movies or do you have other plans?

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