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7 Things to Stock Up on This Fall

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September 29, 2020

People are starting to stock up for fall and not just because of coronavirus. It’s flu season, hurricane season still, and then of course there are concerns that things will be shut down again. Here’s a list of some important items you may want to stock up on.

Household Needs

Think batteries and battery-operated candles. Whether you suffer a power outage or the remote control dies, batteries are crucial. I cannot believe the number of batteries we have gone through in 20 years in this house! I recommend having some rechargeable batteries to save on cost. However, if there’s a power outage, you can’t charge them so traditional batteries are a must-have stocked item!

Battery candles are also needed in case of a power outage and are a safer option over flame candles. Have extra matches and firewood on hand if you have a fireplace. It’s also a good idea to have an extra container or two of gasoline.

Include a supply of extra paper goods like toilet paper (because we all remember last spring!), paper towels and napkins.

Of course, have your household cleaners to kill germs. Include white vinegar for general household chores.

Other household supplies you might want to stock up include trash bags, ice trays, large water containers, and extra blankets should you lose heat.

Health and Wellness Supplies

This one is important. You want these items on hand in case you or a loved one gets sick! Ideas include homeopathic remedies, pain and fever reducers, alcohol and hand sanitizers, bandaids and wraps, gloves and masks, disinfectants, vitamins, your prescription drugs, diapers and baby ointments, allergy medicines, lip balms, feminine hygiene products, and a first aid supply kit.

Books and Magazines

If you’re a reader and can’t get to a library (or they shut down again), you probably want to have some extra books around. Of course, having a kindle or e-reader is the best way to get instant books also.


Think canned and boxed foods that last on shelves and frozen meals and meats that can last a few months. Include baking supplies, extra coffee or tea, sweeteners, snacks, juices, powdered milk, grains, pastas, sauces, and oils.

Pet Food

Have enough for a few weeks, so you don’t have to head to the store if you’re unable.

Gifts for the Kids

Since most kids are home A LOT more than normal, I think having some surprises packed away for rainy days or extreme boredom can help perk up any mood. It doesn’t have to be a lot… consider dollar store toys or treats, extra games or puzzles, or a new ball. Kids love getting new gifts and with all that we are going through, they deserve some extra treats.


If ATMs go down, banks close, or there’s any issue with your credit or debit card, it’s good to keep a small stockpile of cash on hand.

As always, be safe. Check into theredcross for more comprehensive supplies and first aid kits.

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