Fight Back: Common Sense Media Takes on Body Image

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March 17, 2015

Media today tells girls they would be happier, more popular, more beautiful, more (yikes!) valuable, if they would just lose weight and conform to what society dictates. As parents we see the unique beauty that they already possess. In a perfect follow-up to last week’s article, 6 Videos That Take a Stand On Beauty, Common Sense Media offers tips on counterbalancing all of those messages and helping your daughter develop a healthy body image.

This is not a new concept in our family. I work hard to show my daughter that those qualities that make her unique are the most special. She a mixed heritage that certainly makes the waifish standards of the magazine covers nearly impossible. This video put it into words I never thought of before but will certainly resonate with her, “Encourage your daughter to celebrate her unique beauty and not one borrowed from somebody else.”

Similarly, I try to keep my mouth zipped when it comes to my own insecurities. I don’t want to add to any of her issue by layer on my own. In the words of the video, “It will be a lot easier for your kids to resist media messages if you don’t succumb to them.” That’s powerful. We need to do for ourselves what we hope they will do.

Take a few moments to watch and reflect on how you are setting up your daughter with a confident view of herself.

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