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5 Crafts to Keep Kids Busy at Home

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August 25, 2020

Looking for crafts to keep the kids busy? As we wind down summer, this is normally a time when people go on vacations, spend time at the pool, and get out in the community to experience whatever it has to offer. But, with more and more people choosing to stay home for health reasons, you may be looking for ways to engage your children at home instead.

We find it helpful to keep the kids’ craft closet stocked full of craft supplies so they can create when the urge hits. Items include construction paper, glue sticks, pom poms, magazines and cards for cutting out images, crayons, and watercolor paints. You can often keep the kids busy simply by setting the craft box on the table. But, if you want a few more ideas, you can always try one or more of the following!

Paper plate crafts are a fun way to encourage your child to create. All you need are white paper plates, construction paper, scissors, and something to color with. There are so many different ideas for paper plate crafts. But, if you want to see a few for inspiration, this jellyfish craft could tie into a home learning unit about ocean life. Or, this paper plate car craft is an easy craft for little hands to make.

If you enjoy educational crafts or crafts about nature, this easy DIY sundial for kids is simple enough to make. Plus, it will get the kids outside in the backyard while they look for materials. You can let the kids paint the rocks or keep them natural depending on how much time you have for them to get crafty.

If you want a craft for older kids, why not have them make these stick star garden mobiles? All you need are a few simple supplies that you probably have on hand already. And, best of all, you can hang them outside in the garden or on the back porch once they’re done.

If you want an easy indoor craft idea for a rainy day, here are several different ways that you can craft using Cheerios. All you need are a box of Cheerios (stale is fine) and a little bit of creativity. The octopus is just too cute!

If you want a craft that gets the kids outside and moving rather than just sitting at the kitchen table, why not try a scavenger hunt? You can print out this scavenger hunt printable. Then, head outside with the kids to find everything on the list. Older kids can head out into the neighborhood on their own. And, you can go for a walk with a younger child to see what you can find. Or, make your own printable with items you think they will see in your neighborhood or backyard.

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