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If You’re Not Creating Video … You’re Missing the Boat

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October 26, 2011

The world of video is exploding. Youtube is currently the second most used site for search, after Google of course. While people are searching for answers to their questions in video format, there are a LOT of other benefits to using video as a one element of your marketing campaign.

True Connection.

While you can get a feel for someone by reading something they write, like a blog post or an article, watching them live gives you a much better connection with the person. Once you’ve heard someone’s voice you take that with you, and you’ll hear their voice as you read things they’ve written. Can you imagine if your readers, or customers, actually heard your voice in their head as they read your blog post, or better yet, your sales page?

It’s easy in online business to focus on the numbers, and be a collector of Facebook friends or twitter followers your business will really take off when you stop being a collector and truly become a connector. Video makes creating this connection easy.


A blog is a great tool to use to brand yourself and your online business, but when you add video to the mix you increase the brandability exponentially. People will see your face, hear your voice, remember your laugh, connect with you on such a deeper level than they would with words alone. You can also incorporate music, images, and with some special tools you can embed your actual logo into your videos and webinars. These are techniques that keep you at the forefront of your prospect’s mind… which is exactly where you want to be.

It’s quicker. 

While it may take you quite a while to create a 700 or 1000 word blog post you can cut a 3 to 5 minute vlog in well… 3 to 5 minutes. ? You can upload it immediately to Youtube and have it on your blog in less than 10 minutes. When continual fresh content is the name of the game, sometimes a fast easy option is a welcome option.

Get more traffic

As I mentioned, Youtube is now being used almost as much as Google by people searching for information and answers. When you post your video on youtube you can drastically increase the traffic coming to your site, simply by adding a link to your site in the description area of your video.  Videos also tend to rank quite well in Google. If you learn how to do keyword research and use phrases that people are searching for in the title of your video, you’ll find your video ranking for some pretty awesome keywords, which again drives more traffic to your site.

If you haven’t yet jumped into video creation, I encourage you to get started today. Grab a webcam or your flip camera and think of a question the people who visit your site always ask you, then answer it for them. Your videos don’t have to be perfect, and they don’t have to be movie quality, in fact, the more “real” they are, the better. But if you want the power of video to work for you, you’ve got to take action. You’ve got to cut those videos and get them online.

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