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Do You Need a Social Media Spring Clean Up?

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February 28, 2019

Sometimes it’s hard to remember a time before Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We all jumped on board, excited to share and connect. Then as the years went by, some of us realized we over-share with people we don’t even know, we accepted friend requests from someone two-degrees removed, or we’ve liked hundreds of pages that really aren’t relevant anymore. It’s all contributed to social media clutter.

If you are looking to streamline and clean up some of your social media, you may want to take a week or two for a good spring cleaning. This is not about getting OFF social media, rather making it simpler to see the people and pages that you most want to see.


I know some people have a fear of unfriending people, but you need to take a hard look at everyone on your list. Whether they are seeing your posts or not, hit the unfriend button and delete those that aren’t your true friends or colleagues.

Once you’ve looked at your Friends, take a look at your Pages. You may be shocked at how many there are. Facebook offers a simple option to scroll past, click off the ones you want to unlike, and then unlike them all with one sadly satisfying click. How do you choose? Start with the lifestyle ones that no longer fit. Not pregnant? Unfollow that baby site page. No longer on a South Beach diet? Unfollow that recipe page. Cleaning up this area also allows you to see those pages that are much more relevant. It’s about having content you want to see, not social media clutter.

Do a similar clean up for your Groups as well. If you were added to groups you don’t want to be in, remove yourself. Adding people was all the rage a few years back until people got fed up and said STOP. Now browse through the rest of them. If you’re not contributing or interested, it’s time to remove yourself there as well. Tip: if you have close friends who are direct sellers, don’t leave their groups and pages. As work-at-home-moms, many work hard to share their products and make very little off their efforts, so your support is always appreciated.


Click through those people you follow and make sure those people and brands are still relevant!


IG is really the biggest site right now for brands and for influencers, however some people private accounts with only a few friends. If you follow thousands of accounts, you may want to click that list and go through it. You can unfollow those brands, companies, and people who no longer appeal to you. Sometimes I click a profile and if I see that person hasn’t posted in six months, I remove them! Many people jumped on the Instagram train but didn’t do much with it.

If you choose to do a social media clean up, give yourself time for it. Schedule in 10-15 minutes a day for 1-2 weeks. Or do it in longer segments. Whatever works. But know at the end of that time, you’ll feel happier as you focus on the content and people you do want to see and stay connected with.

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