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5 Ways to Relieve Stress When You Work at Home

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April 19, 2018

Have you ever wondered how to relieve stress when you work at home? If you are, keep reading. You might think that relieving stress from a job is the same no matter where you work. But, I haven’t found that’s true.

When you work away from home, you can leave a lot of stress at the office when you leave for the night. When you work at home, you are in your workplace even after you stop working for the day. This is even truer when you work for yourself. Some days, it seems like I think about work 24/7.

The following are ways that you can deal with stress even when you work at home.

Go for a Walk

Sometimes just leaving the house for a few minutes is all it takes to help deal with stress. Go for a walk, a run, a jog, a hike or a bike ride. Just get out of the house and away from your desk for a little while. If you only have a few minutes to spare, go outside and walk around the house. Look at the flowers, pull a few weeks, dig in the garden, or throw the frisbee for the dog.

Just Scream

If you just feel like screaming, go ahead and scream. You’d be surprised how great you feel afterward. If someone else is home with you, please be sure to warn them before you do this. If you feel awkward making so much noise in a quiet space, turn the music up loud and sing instead.

Be a Kid

Sometimes it’s not easy to be an adult all the time. A great way to get rid of stress is to let yourself be a kid! Watch cartoons, build a LEGO castle, create something with playdough, or pound on a stress ball for a while. It’s okay to take a break and just goof off for a bit of time.

Pamper Yourself

You may not be able to take time off during the day to pamper yourself if you work at home. But, at night when you step away from your “office” make sure that you reward yourself for a long day by taking a relaxing bubble bath, lighting a few scented candles, enjoying a hot cup of herbal tea, and listening to your favorite relaxing music.

Close the Door

Even if your office doesn’t have a door on it to close, it’s important that you step away from the space you work when you’re done. Close the laptop, silence the ringer and notifications on your phone, and try to focus on yourself and your family for a while.

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