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Party On: Fun Party Ideas For Your Tween

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May 14, 2012

Planning a birthday party for a toddler is pretty easy to do. Choose a theme, send out tine invites, buy some snacks, and let them play. But what do you do though when your tween wants to have a party, and understandably does not want a kid party? Start out by talking to your daughter or son and ask them what they would like the party to be like, what kind of things they’d like to do, and the types of food they want to serve. You can still include a theme – try one of these European options below as a starting place:

Paris for the Girls!

Your tween and her friends will love these ideas and preparing for the party. You and your daughter can do some research on France and come up with a perfect (but, easy) French food and style.

  • Include a fun tween European movie. Monte Carlo (they start out in Paris) is and features some top young actresses. Letters to Juliet is our favorite, but centered in Italy, not France. Both are absolutely lovely.
  • Serve Lovely French Macaroons or Tiny Pink Cupcakes with edible flowers. Have the cupcakes already made and the girls can decorate them with a delicious homemade icing (this recipe is amazing) and edible flowers.
  • Small French baguettes and different kinds of cheeses, served with Perrier Sparkling Mineral Water makes for a traditional French and easy snack.
  • A fabulous parting gift for the party girl is a Pop Art Pixie Chandelier by Crayola. This is such a chic craft kit, they are bound to love. The girls can all work on it together and design it for the party girl’s room. A great gift and a great craft for the girls to work on during the party.

France and Italy for the Guys!

The boys may be more interested in the food than the crafts, but making pizza incorporates a bit of both.

  • Making your own pizza can be a fun activity for this age, they are old enough to roll dough and work in the kitchen without too much concern.
  • Whether you have made your own pizza dough or bought the store brand, rolling it out is loads of fun.
  • Have a wide range of pizza topping ingredients to make way for a variety of taste buds and any vegetarians in the group. Get your son involved in the preparations and take him ingredient shopping. Some great choices: red and orange peppers, several different kinds of cheese, onions, anchovies, pepperoni, spinach leaves, zucchini, pizza sauce, and anything else your son can come up in the produce aisle. Have everything pre-cut, unless of course they will want to do everything themselves.
  • Movie night with Pink Panther. Steve Martin in Pink Panther 2(rated PG)offers loads of laughs and fun. If the guys are not into Pink Panther, try Cars 2, outstanding movie with lots of action, great message, and perfect fun for any age!  If those do not interest you, Keeping Up With the Steins, is one of the funnest tween movies we’ve seen, kids and parents!
  • Make Gelato the day before and it will be ready and perfect to top off their European night (and yours as well).

What tips do you have for a fun tween party?

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