5 Unique New Year’s Resolutions for Work at Home Moms

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January 2, 2012

As the close of the holiday season ushers in the New Year, many work-at-home-moms begin to reflect on their past accomplishments and mull over any regrets of unachieved goals.  For many, these thoughts inspire them to make New Year’s resolutions for the upcoming year that will make up for previous failed attempts and build on the achievements of the past year.

Trying to craft and then stick to the perfect New Year’s resolution can be a daunting task.  Many turn to the more common resolutions of the past, such as losing weight, quitting a bad habit, or organizing those nagging closets.  But this New Year doesn’t have to follow the traditional route.  When crafting your goals or resolutions for the upcoming year, consider these unique New Year’s resolution ideas for work at home moms:

  1. Do One Health-Inspiring Thing each Day – While this leans heavily towards the traditional resolutions, moms need to stay healthy in order to run their businesses and their homes effectively.  By incorporating at least one health-inspiring activity in their lives each day, moms will not only help themselves, but will also inspire their kids to do the same.
  2. Inspire Someone Weekly – Every home business’ goal should be to serve the customer.  They are, after all, the source of financial means for the business owner.  Whether your business is blogging, direct sales, or providing services, seek ways to inspire at least one of your current or potential customers each week.  Send a card, acknowledge their accomplishments, or feature a “person of the week.”  Find ways to inspire and you’ll keep more customers for life.
  3. Put Yourself on a Timeout Weekly – Kids sometimes need a time out and so do moms.  Working moms need to take time out for themselves – to take a much-needed break from the daily responsibilities of raising kids, working from home, and other household chores.  Commit to taking at least 30 minutes to an hour each week for fun activities you enjoy.  It will rejuvenate you and help you be more effective in your role.
  4. Give Services Away for Free Monthly – Not every service and not every day, but an occasional free coaching session or a one-month free ad on your site can attract new clients fast.  Create a list of freebies you can give and schedule them throughout the year.  Be sure to include an invitation with each one to receive more of your services (for the required fee, of course).
  5. Include Your Kids in Your Work Often – One of the advantages of being a work at home mom is the opportunity to be home with your kids.  Capitalize on this opportunity to inspire a budding entrepreneur by including them in your work.  Let them stuff envelopes, put stamps on packages, file papers or even dictate a blog post.  They’ll enjoy working with you and you just might inspire a kidpreneur.

For this New Year, try making resolutions that are unique to you and your work from home.  Be realistic and creative in crafting your goals and you’ll find that you just might be more inspired to accomplish them.

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