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What to do With Leftover Easter Candy Besides Eat It

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March 26, 2019

Have you ever wondered what to do with leftover Easter candy besides eat it? Every year, the kids end up getting far more candy in their Easter baskets than I really want them to eat. They get it at church, at school, from relatives and of course, they get some from the Easter bunny.

I really prefer that they not eat all those sweets, and I know that I definitely don’t need to eat a pound of Easter candy. But, I don’t want to toss it or have it go to waste. Here are a few ideas you can use if you’d prefer not to eat all of that candy.

Freeze it. If you have plain chocolate Easter eggs or Easter rabbits, you can freeze them and use them in the future. Just put the whole box or bag inside a heavy-duty freezer bag and seal it. When you want to use it, just thaw the chocolate on the counter. You can eat it as is or grate it to use in your favorite recipe.

Get crafty. If you have leftover jelly beans, you’ll be surprised at the different types of activities your kids can do with them. Why not make a bracelet, paint with them, or try a science experiment. Check out the full list of fun you can have with jelly beans here.

Bake something. Use your leftover Easter candy in many of your favorite dessert recipes? Chop the chocolate to use in place of chocolate chips for chocolate chip cookies. Use the jelly beans to top your cupcakes. Place a Cadbury egg inside your cupcake batter before you bake it. Either way, they bake up yummy.

Melt them! Melt leftover marshmallow Peeps and use them in your favorite treats or try Rice Krispie bars with melted Peeps instead of marshmallow fluff. This is one of my husband’s favorite treats. Of course, you can also them instead of marshmallows in your favorite s’mores recipe.

Donate it. If the temptation of having all of that candy in the house is just too much for you, why not donate it to someone who will enjoy it? You must have a friend or relative who would love to receive a bag of chocolate? Or, if the candy is sealed, call your local food pantry and see if they will take it as a donation. There will be a family who would be happy to receive it.

What’s your favorite way to use up leftover Easter candy?

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