Top Back to School Videos: Inspire Learning … Or Smile

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August 25, 2014

The three most dreaded words in childhood: Back. To. School.

If it hasn’t happened for you yet, it will soon. Need some inspiration? Here’s A Message From Your Kids’ Teacher  to parents via Jimmy Kimmel.

“Remember: We don’t suck, your kid sucks.”

Okay, maybe that wasn’t exactly inspiration. Although, students can be pretty hard on their teachers, too. These mean tweets prove it!

And then there are the subs! That’s just asking for trouble. *Careful this one includes bad words.

On a more serious note, we can be thankful that our commutes to school stay relatively sane. There are kids in China walking tiny paths on sheer mountain cliffs to get to school. And children in Indonesia have to balance on the ropes of a collapsed bridge to cross a river! This video shows photographs of kids around the world getting to school, from an exhibition at the United Nations.

If school still feels like a little too much, this girl has some clever short cuts to help your year run more smoothly.

In the end, this Kid President pep talk sums it up.

“Life is school and you gotta’ show up!”

“You wanna’ change the world, you gotta’ know about it!”

“No matter who you are, somebody’s learning from you. Everyone’s a teacher and everyone’s a student.”

In fact, he might be all the inspiration you need!

So, come on! You can do it. Not only will you survive, you will be awesome!

Think of it as a new three words. Bring. It. On!

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