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5 Things Moms of Fortnite Players All Know

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April 8, 2019

These days, almost every home in the country houses multiple battles and weapons collecting operations a day, leaving parents worried about eye strain and missed study time. It seems Fortnite has pulled kids from all regions under its addictive spell. Moms, on the other hand, are noticing some other things about life with the game.

Spontaneously Multilingual

Moms hear, at one point or another, their previously comprehensible child switch into another language—the language of  Fortnite. Their child starts yelling about being melted, white hit, lazer’ed, knocked, and so on. I’m still torn if it’s a good thing when you start to know the language too!

Conversation Starter…Filler…Ender

Being able to understand this new vocabulary often ends up with having to listen to your child’s newfound enthusiasm in talking everything that ever happened in their games. Ever.

Clear That Social Calendar

Fortnite keeps players’ interest with frequent events and updates. Suddenly, the timing of these becomes more crucial than a shuttle launch. To miss the event would clearly ruin a child’s entire life.

Watch More Than the Clock

It’s not just your calendar that will be stretching. Kids universally ask to “just finish this round” when told to get off. Smart moms know the screens and when their child can actually walk away. There’s a big difference between the Solo/Duo play that ends when they die, the Team Rumble that just keeps putting them back in until the team kills 100 people, or Creative that goes on for hours! Know your screens so you can get your child out the door and to soccer on time.

F.A.I.R. Syndrome

This is a fictional syndrome that nearly every Fortnite player develops—Fortnite Auditory Input Reduction. This refers to the fact that when playing the game, players lose almost all ability to receive auditory input. Someone says, “Turn it down” or “Stop and brush your teeth,” and the players do not respond due to lack of auditory reception. This can also be used to describe the loss of auditory input for parents when their children scream so loudly at the screen!

Moms can take comfort in the fact that they are indeed not the only ones going through this. We share these experiences!

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