5 Christmas Videos: The Roller Coaster of Holiday Emotions

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December 21, 2016

You hear it everywhere you go: “I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas!” Time always seems to fly when life gets busy. Chances are your emotions are running from panic when you consider your to-do list, to frustration when you try to find parking at the mall, to excitement about get togethers with family and friends, to teary sentimentality when your kids do something cute. You’re not alone: the holidays are an emotional time for most of us. To capture the spirit of the season, I’ve compiled a list of videos that reflect the roller coaster of emotions. Take a break from the chaos to have a laugh or two. I promise you’ll feel better if you do!


The holidays likely mean that you’ll be entertaining guests. Some moms (I won’t mention any names) tend to get a little wound-up as they work to make the house as nice as possible. This son decided to document how his mother reacted to impending company. It feels a bit like I’m watching my childhood on the screen—or even my own household on certain occasions!


These two comedian moms know how to speak the truth. In this video, they break down the intensity of the season using the 12 Days of Christmas, and include trips to Target and visiting in-laws.


Another family feels the pinch as well. The Holderness Family is attempting to avoid the real issue and cutting out the middleman. They tell us which type of wine pairs well with things like Christmas cards, gifting snafus, and cleaning up.


Maybe it’s the wine pairing, or maybe it’s just the season in general, but Drunk History redid a classic Christmas children’s tale in their very own style. An “expert” drinks enough to blur his or her faculties, then tells the tale. While that person narrates, actors use those words to act out the events of the story. This is definitely NOT FOR KIDS and if you are sensitive to bad words, you should pass this one right over. However, for a stress relief with laughter and gorgeous actors, this is for you!


If comedy doesn’t help you ease stress, perhaps something more serious will do the trick. The Piano Guys are great for this type of moment. Here is one of the many beautiful Christmas videos they produce.

I hope your holidays are full of peace, love, joy, and all the other emotions of the season. Try to enjoy every moment!

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