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Top Ways to Increase Your Income By New Year’s Eve

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December 24, 2012

With the end of the year quickly approaching, many work at home moms are looking for ways to increase their bottom line.  Launching a big sale at the end of the year (or the start of the new year) is a great way to give your income a big boost. According to the National Retail Federation, over 20% of yearly sales happen between November and December. If you get your timing and sales strategy right, you could quite possibly increase your income by year-end.

So how do you launch a successful year-end sale?  Here are 5 steps to making it happen:

Identify Current Trends

Study your target and look for trends in your industry. Which of your products are people really longing for? Stock up on those items.  If you provide a service, which of your service offerings is most popular?  Create more openings for those services.

It will also help to talk to other people in your industry and try to figure out what items are going to be hot sellers during the holiday season.

Create a New Product

If your market is clamoring for an item or service you don’t currently provide, consider creating a new one.  Consider creating an ebook around your area of expertise.  Offer DIY tips in a video tutorial around a topic your market is frequently challenged by.

As you plan your sale of your product, consider enlisting the help of joint venture partners, affiliates, or even your current customers to increase your product’s visibility and expand your reach.

Have a Strong Upsell System

Having a strong upsell during the holidays is essential, and having successful upsells can boost your profits enormously.

Creating an add-on service or product that’s offered to a customer at the right time can add tremendous value.  For example, if you provide web design service for WordPress blogs, you can offer a video tutorial on how to manage the site once published.  Clients who hire you to create their site will find this to be a tremendous value.

Advertise Your Sale

Creating the offer is a good first step, but without advertising, you may miss out on hundreds of potential sales.  As long as you offer something that people want and as long as you differentiate yourself from others in your industry, your advertising dollars are going to multiply themselves many times over.

Just buying some sort of advertising, such as Facebook, Twitter or PPC ads, for a single month to boost holiday sales can bring a whole rush of ready to buy holiday shoppers.

Clearly Identify the Sale on Your Website

Your website is your main hub for your business, so you want to update it to reflect your sale.  You don’t need to redesign your website, but make sure that whatever special deals you have running are clearly displayed on the site.

Offering a year-end sale is a wise decision for many businesses. You get an enormous rush of sales, you move more products, and you expose yourself to a slew of new customers.

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