Save Money by Planning Ahead

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August 23, 2011

Saving money is always a good thing, and it can easily be done by planning ahead. You can save money on many purchases by scheduling them into your week, month, and time of year.

Save Money on Groceries

Besides clipping coupons there are a couple of tips to save money at the grocery store. Try to schedule your trip without any other family members so that there are no extraneous expenses on snacks and drinks. Without the distractions you can comparison shop and check off a list to make sure you’re only purchasing the necessities. You should also avoid buying prepared or prepackaged foods, and stock up on freezable foods when they are on sale (after the holidays).

Save Money on Gas

When it comes to saving money on gas there are several things to think about. It’s a little-known secret that gas is typically cheapest during Tuesday midday and Wednesday morning, so try to schedule in your weekly fill-up during those times. If you find that you need to get gas on the weekends, search out a station that is off the highway (they tend to have higher prices for customers that need gas quickly) or browse Gasbuddy or GasPriceWatchto find the cheapest price near you.

Save Money on a New Car

If a new car is in your budget, why not wait a few months and purchase in the fall? Automakers release their new models in September, and they often reduce prices on the previous year’s cars at that time.

Save Money on Books

Saving books is as easy as visiting your local library. In fact, borrowing books is the best option for the avid reader, as long as you return the books on time. If you prefer to own your books, or need that extra time, consider shopping online. You can often find new or used books on Amazon.com,eBay, or Overstock.com at a big discount. Don’t forget that paperback books are about half the price of a hardback book, and they come out six to nine months after the hardback is released.

Save Money on Airline Tickets

Plan your next vacation to include a Saturday night stay and you can save as much as two-thirds on your airline ticket. The earlier you can schedule the tickets, the more money you can save as well.

Save Money on Lunches

I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but pack your lunch instead of eating out! You can plan ahead your dinners to have leftovers the next day, or schedule out recipes that can be converted into something new for lunch (cook some extra meatballs with your dinner and add them to some bread with sauce and cheese for a meatball sandwich the next day). Another tip is to cook large meals on the weekend and store them for lunches throughout the week.

Save Money on Holiday Purchases

Purchase items when at the end of the season for upcoming holidays or the following year. When it’s time to purchase gifts, make sure to comparison shop and hit the sales events (the day after Thanksgiving is a great day for getting great deals). To avoid overspending, plan out a budget and gift ideas before arriving at the stores.

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