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4 Simple Ways For Children to Organize Their Clothes

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February 6, 2018

As parents, one of our goals should be to give our children the skills they need to be independent, successful adults. A skill they will need when they move out of the house is the ability to care for their possessions and keep them organized. Organizing and taking care of clothing doesn’t have to be complicated. There are some simple ideas that will work for even the youngest child.

Organize by Color

Children as young as toddlers can learn to organize their clothes by color. If they have low shelves or bins, have them place the folded clothes grouped together by color. This will also help them learn to dress as they begin to understand mixing and matching, contrast and clashing.

Organize by Season

As your child gets older, they may want more flexibility in choosing their own outfits. If this is the case it may help them to organize their clothes by season. They will understand swimsuits and snow boots aren’t a great pairing; this also offers a lesson on weather and seasons.

Organize by Item

It may make the most sense for your child to organize by item and keep all of their t-shirts in one drawer, their pants in another, and their dresses in the closet. This will let them mix and match their clothes the way they want. They will also learn how to fold and organize their clothes.

Organize by Outfit

Organizing by outfit makes dressing in the morning a breeze. Place each outfit, complete with socks, in a stacked cubby. Your child can choose the outfit of the day. When clothes are washed, arrange them back in the same cubby.

Of course, caring for your clothes is about more than organizing and choosing outfits. Your child should also learn how to put  dirty clothes in the hamper, use the washing machine and the dryer, fold clean clothes, and put them away. Older kids can also learn how to sew on buttons and repair simple tears.

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