Amanda Bynes Hospitalized: Latest Celeb to Breakdown

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July 24, 2013

There’s been a disturbing trend among celebrities, especially among the female stars. It seems like more and more are suffering from major mental illness requiring either an intervention, hospitalization or both. Often young and successful, Hollywood’s leading ladies appear to have it all on the outside but are suffering in silence.

The latest story involves Amanda Bynes who, in recent months, has been on a steady downward spiral.  At first, it was just silliness.  The What a Girl Wants actress started tweeting pictures of herself sporting different looks and, while it was a little odd, it wasn’t anything worth worrisome. Then she started tweeting about other celebrities, calling them ugly and starting fights with them. On top of it, she was arrested (and accused the cops of planting evidence) and underwent plastic surgery.

Now, the former child star has been admitted to a hospital after she allegedly set fire in an elderly lady’s driveway in a Los Angeles suburb.

Captain Don Aguilar of the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department confirmed: “Deputies responded and held her on 5150 welfare and institutions code [involuntary psychiatric hold] and [Amanda] has been taken for mental evaluation.”

The 27-year-old actress can be held up to 72 hours which will, at the very least, give the residents in that area a break since it’s been a busy week for her.  Bynes was accused of trespassing at a retirement center in her hometown, Thousand Oaks, California on Sunday. She claimed she was trying to visit a relative but was asked to leave. She returned to the center later on and was, again, escorted from the premises.

Bynes isn’t unfamiliar with the process of undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. Just this past May, she was held at the Roosevelt Hospital in New York City after she threw a bong out of a window on the 36th floor.

In recent years, other young women have been held evaluated and treated for mental health disorders.  Fortunately, most of these situations have had positive outcomes.  Britney Spears was once held on a 5150 and, while her parents remain the conservators of her estate, she is alive and well which is a lot more than many expected at the time of her breakdown.  Disney star, Demi Lovato, attacked a dancer on tour and subsequently checked into a treatment center to address her emotional problems. Catherine Zeta Jones also had to seek help when she learned that her husband, Michael Douglas, had cancer.  The stress and shock of the diagnosis triggered her bipolar disorder and she had to check in to a facility for treatment.

Hopefully, Amanda Bynes will have a similarly positive outcome and will be able to start putting her life back together. In the meantime, fans will just have to hope she’s getting the help she needs.

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