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At-Home Date Ideas for Summer Romance

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July 6, 2020

Need to plan a special evening but can’t leave the house (or would just rather not)? We’ve got you covered! With a little creativity and imagination, these at-home date ideas for summer romance will leave you weak in the knees. During tough times, prioritizing your relationship is more important than ever. We hope these suggestions will leave you feeling inspired to plan a wonderful night.

Dinner on the Patio

While a quick meal outside is always a good break from the norm, for your at-home date, make a real effort. If you’ve got a patio table and chairs set, give it a good cleaning and then use it to set the mood. Put down a tablecloth, real dishware (no paper plates allowed!), and some candles as your centerpiece. To make it extra fancy, add a string of lights for ambiance. 

Take some time to prepare a delicious meal together. Pick something that you both will enjoy as well as your favorite drinks. Reconnect over great conversation (no hot topics!) and linger over an indulgent dessert before turning in for the night.

Stargazing and S’mores

Life is busy, especially if you’ve got young kids in your home, so you might not be able to sneak away for a whole meal. You can, however, take advantage of the time after they’ve gone to bed! Why not grab the baby monitor and head outside on a clear night?

When was the last time you let yourself just stare at the stars in the sky? Grab your sweetheart, some tasty treats, and a blanket. If you’ve got a fire pit in your yard and love s’mores, this would be the perfect time for something ooey, gooey, and fun. 

Backyard Camping

Craving a little rest and relaxation in the great outdoors? You don’t have to drive for hours to get to a campground—you could set up a tent in your own backyard! Space permitting, you can recreate the whole camping experience with a campfire (fire pit), roasted marshmallows, and a sleeping bag without ever leaving home. 

Sure, you might have some curious neighbors peeking over the fence, and it may not be as quiet as the middle of the forest, but you can absolutely make the most of your time together. Just remember to be respectful about noise—if you watch a movie out there, be sure to wear earbuds!

Weekend Spa Date

Some couples really enjoy being pampered together, but heading out for a massage isn’t always practical. Rather than miss out on sheer bliss, why not plan a weekend spa date with your partner? It might not be quite the same, but you can still make it lovely. 

Start with a light breakfast, then light some aromatherapy candles, diffuse essential oils, or burn incense to invite some soothing scents into your space. Add some relaxing music, massage oil, and a hot bath (bonus if your tub is large enough for you to climb in together!) and let the stress melt away. 

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

Pull out the old camcorder footage, piece together a slideshow of your greatest moments, and curl up together to reminisce about those early days when you fell in love. Laugh at how your styles have evolved, talk about the music you love, and just fall back into a time before life got so complicated. 

If you want to take your trip down memory lane to the next level, try to find some of the snacks, drinks, and sweet treats you used to enjoy together. Don’t worry—calories don’t count when you’re on this type of emotional journey!

Whether it’s because you’ve got little ones, are trying to save money, or are sidelined during a pandemic, you may not be able to get out together as much as you’d like. With a little effort, though, these at-home date night ideas can keep the flames burning all summer long.

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