Valentine’s Day: Last Minute Gifts Semi-Handmade With Love

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February 14, 2012

Every year on Valentine’s Day I seem to struggle with gift giving. Do I only gift to my spouse? Am I supposed to let my children exchange gifts with friends and relatives outside of the classroom? The price we pay for love every year adds up rather quickly, and while I want to show others how much I care, sometimes it becomes overwhelming and straining on my wallet. This year I am going to end my Valentine woes by saving time and money and gifting semi-handmade.

And best of all, these are perfect last-minute gifts.

1. Host a dinner party: You can enjoy friends and family all under one roof. You will not only be able to show your love by offering a homemade meal to your guests but you will save them the time of having to plan a night out as well. Send out a quick Evite and gather everyone together for a fabulous time.

2. Make a playlist: You can gather a list of meaningful songs and compile them onto a cd for your significant other – or you can create a cd for your children with all of the songs you sing together. If your loved one is out of state, put together a list on Playlist.com and send it virtually.

3. Make a video: Show loved ones you care by making a video for them. This is especially great for those in long distance relationships. You can also let the kids make personalized videos for family members and send it straight to their inbox … no postage needed!

4. Put together a photo album: Nothing says I love you more than a shared memory and a smile. A photo album is a fun and thoughtful way to remember those special moments spent together. Embellish with scrapbook material, or purchase a simple album to slide your photos into. Either way, the thought will be appreciated.

5. Re-Gift: While this is frowned upon by some, it can be rather meaningful to others. You can re-gift a special piece of jewelry to your daughter. An old teddy bear can be given new life when shared with a sibling, and your grandmother’s wedding dress can become a family heirloom when passed down to you. Just remember to re-gift not only with love but with thought and purpose.

What semi-handmade Valentine’s Day gifts can you come up with?

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