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Leaving Painted Rocks as Positive Messages

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June 18, 2020

On my trail walk last month, my son and I found a painted rock, tucked away behind some trees at a little cove we found overlooking a pond with geese. The rock said UNITE. I loved the message. We took a picture and then hid it somewhere else for the next person to find. A few weeks later we found another rock somewhere else and did the same. Then yet again, a third rock, with a mushroom painted on it “There’s so MUSHROOM in your heart for love”.

I was inspired to paint some myself. We collected rocks to bring home and I took out the old tub of craft paints and started. Not only is this a great creative activity to do with your kids, but it also gets them thinking about how they can reach other people with positive messages. Messages of hope and togetherness. A message to make someone feel less alone. Maybe just a message to make someone smile.

Ready to get in on the painted rock trend? It’s a wonderful family activity to start! Start off by heading to a beach, river, lake, or hiking trail to collect your oval fist-sized rocks. This can be a fun activity in itself!

Then, sit with your kids and brainstorm some words or short 2- or 3-word sayings. Gather your rocks, paints, and brushes, layout the newspaper, and get painting. The best part is that any age child can do this … and the parents too!

After your rocks dry, you can spray them with a clear sealant if desired. Then, what I like to do is store them in my car, so each time we head out for a walk, we can leave one for people to find.

Of course, you can also plan a day to specifically go hide your rocks. Pack a picnic and drive to your local parks, trails or beaches. Scatter your message as you get some fresh air.

Some suggestions, though I’m sure you’ll all come up with tons of other amazing ones:

  • You are loved
  • LOVE one another
  • It will all be OK
  • Life is great
  • Smile
  • Be kind
  • You are special
  • Think positive
  • Spread Joy

So are you ready to get creative and join this fun project? You don’t need to be a great artist by any means. A simple word on a different colored background is perfect. Or get really artsy. Check Pinterest for ideas. You can paint little bugs, hearts, flowers, or patterns on rocks too. The kids will love this!

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