7 Ways to De-Stress After Divorce

February 3, 2012

Are you feeling battered, bruised and like you were just run over by a mack truck? Either you just had a monster work out or got divorced. Stress after divorce puts a huge strain on the mind, body and soul. And, let’s face it, if you don’t take care of yourself now, no one else will.

How do you de-stress after your relationship ends in divorce? Here are 7 surefire tips that will allow you to let go and breathe easier so you can parent, function and get through the trying times and on the road to recovery.

1. Have a good pity party. Cry it all out; sometimes that is what makes you feel better. Don’t feel bad about throwing the party…just get it all out, so you can then move on to feel better.

2. Counseling, Coaching, Therapy. There are times when we need the help of someone else. This is one of those times. Don’t rely on your friends to help you, rely on someone who is not emotionally involved. It helps to have an unbiased third party to listen and give advice.

3. Self-care. Take a bubble bath, put on some make-up, meditate, put on your cute jeans and boots. Get up and out of the house and out of your PJ’s or sweats. You will be amazed at how much better you feel with a shower and a bit of make-up.

4. Take a long walk or go workout or do some yoga. Exercise lets off steam and enables you to think clearer as well as gives you energy, which makes you feel better.

5. Make a wish list. Some people would say that making a wish list would be depressing. After all, these are things you WISH you could do, but can’t do due to time or financial constraints. But, if you make a wish list and set each wish as a goal for yourself, you have given yourself something to work towards, which will make you feel better about where you are in life.

6. Read a good book. Between work, kids and sleeping, there is little time left for reading. Pick books that you have wanted to read, but haven’t had the time. Carve out 30minutes a day and sit in your favorite chair, with your favorite cup of tea and read. You will be smiling at the end of those 30 minutes.

7. Meet a friend for lunch. Even though you don’t feel great, a warm hug and a smile from another adult will automatically infuse you with strength and well-being. It is a fact, that touch is vital to existence, and when that comes in the form of pure love from a friend, you will feel better instantly.

Need more tips and resources from someone who has a Masters degree from the University of Been There and Done That Twice, come by and visit me for a dose of inspiration and humor.

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