SocialMom of the Month: Meet Tara West!

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February 11, 2012

Aren’t we always hearing about the amazing blogging opportunities here at SocialMoms? Read on to learn how our newest SocialMom of the Month took those opportunities—and built her work-at-home career!

Tara West, 27, is a married mom of three from just outside Tulsa—in the “beautiful and underappreciated” state of Oklahoma. With all three children under age 6, and two in cloth diapers, Tara is doing what so many SocialMoms dream of: staying home with her kids and blogging for a living.

But things weren’t always so easy.

Tara and her husband had their first child in Tara’s last semester of college, where she was about to receive her Bachelor’s degree in business administration with a major in human resources. Fortunately, she pushed through and graduated on schedule—no small feat.

From there, Tara started her HR career with the support of her husband, who stayed home with their first and second children during the days and worked nights in order to avoid daycare costs. Tara, who admits it was “incredibly difficult,” says the family really only had one day a week to spend together.

“Once I found out I was pregnant with baby number three, we knew something had to change,” says Tara. “I started staying home with the children and my husband took a full-time (plus some) job.”

While she loved staying at home with her children, Tara missed her professional life. Her decision to use cloth diapers led her to a company called Diaper Parties by Everything Birth. She soon became a consultant and an active participant in social media.

“Through SocialMoms—and no, they aren’t paying me to say this—I was able to network my way into a number of paid blogging opportunities,” says Tara. “I found out I was actually a pretty decent blogger. One job led to another and I was on my way to becoming a full time professional blogger!”

Tara is also the founder of Gobo Media, and manages her clients’ social media accounts, blogging, and SEO content creation—all from the comfort of her own home. “I love that I am able to make a living and not have to give up the opportunity of being home with my children,” she says.

What are you passionate about?

“Anyone who has read my Social Moms articles knows I love to cook! I am passionate about cooking and love creating my own recipes.”

What drives you crazy?

“People who don’t listen when you are talking to them drive me insane. If you don’t have time to talk to me PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE just tell me. I would rather know you don’t have time or aren’t listening than waste 45 minutes talking to you only to find out you only heard the first two words of my first sentence.”

What fun things do you like doing together as a family?

“We recently got a new Wii and my daughter has a game called Nickelodeon Dance. We have been having so much fun dancing together on that thing it is ridiculous. I am sure I look ridiculous, too!”

Describe your perfect Saturday.

“A perfect Saturday would be sleeping in really late, going to the zoo or place for the whole family, having dinner together, putting the kids to bed early, and spending some quality time with my hubby. Everyone wins!”

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