Turn a Men’s Shirt Into A Dress: No Sewing Required

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May 15, 2013

I love the idea of repurposing and reusing items. It’s the ultimate way to go green. But what about clothing? Are you concerned it might wind up frumpy instead of stylish? I recently stumbled across the most amazing video outlining how to turn an ordinary men’s button up shirt into a stylish dress. Best part yet, it doesn’t require sewing or any other accessories aside from the shirt. Not only does Colour Heels Diary turn the shirt into a beautiful strapless dress, but also shows you how to turn it into a shirt and skirt as well.

Turning a men’s shirt into a stylish new look for you is incredibly simple and only takes a few seconds. Watch the video below to see some of the amazing styles using the men’s button up shirt.

Video courtesy of Colour Heels Diary

Men’s Shirt to Dress and Back Again

I tried all the different styles in this video with one of my husband’s old shirts and they were incredibly simple. Once I got the shirt on I realized there were even more ways to style it. The possibilities really were endless. This is not only a great way to repurpose old shirts, but also any shirt with a pattern you like. After you’ve worn it in dress form, simply wash and iron the shirt and it’s back to normal again.

If you don’t have any old shirts lying around, or want something with a different pattern – head to your local thrift store. Shop in the men’s department to find some button up shirts that can easily be converted.

The dress is a mini dress, so if you prefer a longer look, choose an extra long men’s shirt. Alternatively, you can just wear the mini dress as a shirt with pants underneath or leggings. I typically wear a size 6 dress and I used a men’s large button up and it fit perfectly. The tightness of the top will depend on where you button it. Therefore, I could have easily fit in an x-large or medium shirt as well. The larger the shirt, the longer the dress will be.

Try it With a Tee

Don’t have a button up men’s shirt? It can be done with an over sized tee shirt as well. Cut Out and Keep offers a simple two step tutorial on how to turn a baggy shirt into a tee shirt dress. Super simple and cute. This project is no sew and even easier than the button up shirt. However, it is a more basic look than the button up.

These ideas embody a truly unique twist on green living and combine it with easy and functional style. Greening up your wardrobe doesn’t have to break the bank. Have you repurposed any old clothing items? What is your favorite repurposed look?

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