June 8, 2017

Summer is a perfect time of year to make a dent in your family to-do list. Hopefully, that list includes some nurturing, exploring, and bonding. Your list can include simple summer fun—like running through sprinklers and catching fireflies—but make sure to add some ambitious house projects and travel adventures, too.

Some items to include on your summer list:

  • Book a stretch vacation. You know, that trip that may stretch your budget—but that your kids will absolutely love? Kids grow fast, summers fly by. You’ll never regret taking fun family vacations, even if they are a bit of a splurge. Disney is on the bucket list for many families. What’s on yours?
  • Start (and finish) a yard project. Pick a project you’ve been wanting to do for years and just go for it. It could be building a shed (kids can get involved too), making a big tree house, starting a vegetable garden, or planning out a fantastic rock and stone walkway through the garden. Maybe it’s a tire swing, or even a swimming pool.  You know the saying, “If not now, when?”
  • Read a great book. It’s easy to find summer reading lists online. Escaping with a good book is the perfect project for summer.
  • Purge your house. Clean out spare rooms, closets, shelves, and the garage, and get rid of everything you no longer use or the kids outgrew (enlist your kids to help). Have a yard sale and use your earnings to take the family out for a fun day, or buy a new “toy” for the yard.
  • Take a road trip. Whether you plan every second or just pack up and head out, nothing says summer like piling the family in the van to check out new states, museums, or national parks. Adventures like these are something your the kids will never forget. It’s also an amazing learning experience and creates wonderful family bonding time.
  • Enjoy a free summer concert. Take the family to a concert, whether it’s a famous artist or a local band. Outdoor concerts and live bands at the beach are particularly fun this time of year. Don’t forget to pack a picnic!
  • Down at the boardwalk. Boardwalks scream summer. People watching, hot dogs, ice cream and amusement rides, a day at a boardwalk is a summer must for families.
  • Go where the animals go. A visit to a farm or zoo is a wonderful way for kids to learn about animals. It will also give them a much-needed tech break. And it’s relaxing for adults too. Who doesn’t love watching animals?
  • Do something you’ve never done before. Have the kids ever been fishing on a charter boat? Roller skating? Hiked a cavern or a mountain? Zip-lined? Make sure your summer to-do list includes some experiences that take the whole family out of your comfort zone!

Summer wouldn’t be summer without rituals like roasting marshmallows, fireworks, beach days, and lemonade, but make sure the time doesn’t slip by without hitting your bigger goals and checking off your family to-do list.