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The Many Uses of Contact Paper

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March 8, 2018

Decades ago people use contact paper—also known as adhesive film—to line the drawers and shelves in their kitchen and bathrooms. This versatile product has had a change of fashion and function and now allows for dozens of new uses. The designs range from flowers to wood, granite to marble. You can cover a variety of items with the contact paper and dramatically alter how they look. Here are some of our favorite ideas.

In the kitchen or bathroom:

  • Line your refrigerator shelves
  • Cover countertops with a marble or granite paper
  • Cover kitchen appliances with stainless steel, copper, gold, or silver contact paper
  • Freshen a table or cabinet doors with wood pattern contact paper
  • Cover a table with marble contact paper
  • Line a backsplash to look like glass tiles, copper, or rock
  • Cover drawers, just like you used to, but now cover the sides too for a splash of color!

In the living room or bedroom:

  • Cover your ceiling fans with a bright color
  • Cover the back panel of your bookshelves with a bold print
  • Line walls with stripes or a border
  • Create privacy windows with cutouts or designs
  • Cover the front of your wooden stairs
  • Add temporary holiday decor on walls or mirrors

Smaller projects:

  • Cover plant pots
  • Decorate a plain phone case
  • Make a book cover
  • Decorate your laptop cover
  • Decorate a lampshade with stickers cut from the paper

If you are artistic, the project possibilities are endless. Freehand designs onto a wall, cabinet door or even your dining room table. Others use a Cricut machine to make letters or other stickers. Contact paper is easily removable, so if you tire of any of your designs, simply pull it up and replace it!

Laying it Flat

It takes a learning curve to get the paper down flat with no bumps or bubbles. Start by only peeling a little of the backing off. Once you get it started in a straight line, you can slowly pull off the backing while using your hand to smooth it down flat.

Lifebuzz gives you a start with 35 projects using contact paper. Check them out and It will help you to be able to come up with your own ideas.

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