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Switch Up Your Workout Routine This Fall

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October 23, 2012

The fall is a great time to change up your workout routine.  The cooler temperatures make it ideal for taking your work-out outside or trying that new class at the gym. The pressure of swimsuit season is gone but the holidays and all the excess is looming.   Now is not the time to hide behind a chunky sweater!

To make the jump into a new fitness routine just remember a couple key things:

Taking it Outdoors

For some runners, joggers and walkers the end of summer signals a time to bring it inside.  But the outdoors this time of year are beautiful.  Fall foliage abounds and can be quite stimulating to your senses.  Just remember the following before heading outside.

  1. Layer Up: In the early part of the season it can still feel fairly warm.  You head outside with just a sports tank on, only to realize the morning air has more of a chill than you thought. Add a sweatshirt, hoodie or zip-up jacket to your sports wardrobe.  Throw on a hat or headband to keep your head or ears warm and stuff them in a pocket later when the temps – or your body – warm up.  You can find more tips for fall and winter workouts at Spark People.
  2. Wick-away is the key to keeping warm this time of year.  It might be cooler, but temperatures change and dip drastically throughout the day in the fall.  Wearing workout clothes that wick away your body’s sweat will help keep you warm and dry.   You can purchase moisture-wicking, breathable clothing almost anywhere these days and brands like Champion, Nike and UnderArmour make them for all price points, styles and colors.

Don’t Stop Learning 

We all have something that we’ve always wanted to try.  Maybe it’s a physical test or class that takes us out of our comfort zone and challenges us in new ways.  With the kids back in school it is a good time to continue learning too.

  1. Use coupon websites like Groupon, Living Social or Specialious to scout out deals on new classes in your area.  Want to test your skill in archery, tap dancing or kick-boxing?  Try one of the online deals on these sites to see if you like it enough to make it a regular part of your routine.
  2. Check out the new activities being hosted by your current gym. We have a tendency to get complacent and comfortable in our workouts. Our muscle memory is always there and we need to challenge it to keep our bodies fit.  Trying a new type of class at the gym is just the key.

Spring may be the season about renewal but for many of us fall is the perfect time to mix it up.  Feeling vibrant doesn’t just have to mean putting on clothes in gorgeous fall hues but also finding new ways to work our bodies.

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