Six Sandal Styles to Stop Traffic in This Summer

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February 25, 2014

It may be all frozen tundra out there today, but in the blink of an eye sandal-season will be upon us.  Even if you can only dream of warmer weather it is time to shake off the winter blues and explore what the spring and summer season of strappy sandals, leather-laden footwear has to offer.  The top six styles are ready and waiting for you.

1. The Platform Sandal

The chunky heel sandal you banished to the Goodwill bin has come full circle.  Runway shoes are dizzy with this high heel option. Round or square heel, it doesn’t matter.  They both work this season. You can add height with a platform style in the toes, or walk more sure-footed with a zero-height option in the front of the shoe. It is all up to you.  I have a feeling this 70’s inspired look will be here more than one summer.

2. Gladiators

This style seemed on its way out last summer when everyone was wearing them.  But then they came roaring back with more ways to expand on the Gladiator sandal trend.  Wear them thick-strapped and flat or in a thin-strapped version, the choice is yours.  If you want to rock them in the hippie style, add a pair of socks.  Yes, that’s actually trending as we speak.

3. Mules

Today the mule is higher, sexier and trimmed down.  It’s not the chunky or flat-soled version we saw in years past.  This mule is elevated and closed-toed.  Surprisingly one of the best looking shoes this spring/summer season.

4. Sneakers

You read that right.  Not a sandal but you are going to want a pair. Call them the Brit-speak version, trainers, if it makes you feel better.  White sneakers like Converse simple lace-ups with or without the platform are big this spring and summer. I may be aging myself but that was a late 90s look that ran rampant across my mid-Atlantic college campus.

5. D’orsay flat

Flats with a closed pointed toe, exposed middle and covered heel are all over the place this year.  They work with a variety of outfits and are a good classic that works for daytime casual looks, weekend wear and the office.  The D’Orsay flat can be found everywhere from Old Navy and Target to Bloomingdales too.  There’s a price point that elegantly fits everyone.

6. Lady-Like Pumps

This is one trend I adore.  Pointed in the toe and high in the heel it is both smart and sweet at the same time.  The best part of this trend is that it never really goes out of style.  There are both black and white styles, a combination of both colors and a wide array of bright tropical hues to satisfy everyone’s taste.

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