No Excuses: Steps for Staying Fitness Fueled

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June 9, 2015

Summer and swimsuit season are here at last! Don’t let the end of the school year crush or new summer schedule derail your workout or quest for fitness. Stay focused and motivated all summer long with these great tips that will have you ready to workout, hit the gym or power up that DVD first thing in the morning or anytime of the day.

New playlists, workout buddies and just-bought fitness attire are all excellent ways to motivate you to move. But when they stop working, try these small tricks and tips of the mind to get you moving.

Busy Bees

We are all super busy to the max. But just because your kids have a million last minute, end-of-the-year moments, recitals and presentations, it doesn’t give you an excuse to ditch your workout. You may think you’re busier, but you’re probably not! It’s just that your body is producing chemicals to make you feel there are less hours in the day. Trust me, next week or month there will still be many projects and events to take care of and attend. It’s up to you to make the time and not use excuses. You will feel better after the workout as well.

It’s all about the Benjamin’s

Try pre-paying for a fitness class or training session. Unlike a gym membership that can be automatically deducted from your account monthly a series or set of classes like yoga or personal training sessions pre-paid will hold you accountable. You already checked to see if they fit in your schedule, paid for the time and service so just get on it and take part in this fitness adventure.

The Final Countdown

“I just cannot get out of bed.” Yes, we have all been there. Whether it is early morning or midafternoon we have all had that moment of lethargy. Try counting down from ten to one or vice versa.  Then get up and out of that bed. This simple trick of the mind is just one way to stop the excuses and get moving. If you still need a countdown then give yourself just ten minutes of activity like a brisk walk or run. Chances are you won’t want to stop when the timer goes off.

Dear Diary

Holding yourself accountable with your bank account is one thing but what about motivating your body to stay in shape by jotting it down in a journal? Keeping a log or fitness diary that contains your actual feelings post workout can give you the push you need to head back to the gym or out for a run. When you read and remember how great you feel in mind, body and spirit post-workout you will want to feel that again and again.

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