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Hot Hair Colors for a Hotter Summer Season

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August 3, 2012

Summer brings out the big and bold in all of us. It’s a time when we feel free to let it all hang out.  Some of the biggest summer trends this year have to do with hair color. Specifically hair that shows off some gorgeously bright colors. Here are some styles to try out!

Go Streaking

Streaks are not new but when celebrities like Rihanna put them in their hair we tend to take notice and often follow suit.  Go a few shades lighter than your natural color to add major contrast to your ‘do for a look that pops.  Keep it to one section like a portion of your bangs or a large strand on one side of your head for a look that makes a statement.

Ombre It Is

Ombre is not long gone. It has resurfaced this summer with celebs like Drew Barrymore (a true lover of this look) and Kate Bosworth. While Drew keeps it simple, Bosworth goes from platinum blond on top to shades of blue at the tips.  It is a look that is both bright and brave. Achieve it by applying dye from the bottom up.  The tips will be the darkest and most saturated with color while the rest will appear more diluted in color.  This is a job that is best left to a professional unless you feel really proficient and comfortable with hair dye.

Lengthen Your Locks

Extensions come in an array of candy colors to spice up your tresses. Add a piece of shocking pink or canary yellow to your natural hair color. Selena Gomez rocks this look right now with her differing shades of purple in the front sections of her hair.  Extensions work best when you want a change for one night only. Extensions don’t damage your hair like dye and are a cheaper alternative than a visit to the salon.  You can put them in at home and play around with a color that matches your skin tone.  Can’t find a color extension that you like?  Buy some in a similar color to your own hair and dye them the color you want.  Clip the extension in under the top section of your hair and you will have a pretty peep of color that shines through.

The best rule with any of these hair trends is to pick a color that is complimentary to your skin tone.  If you are fair-skinned then choose a pastel color.  If you are medium to dark skin tone then you can go brighter.

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