Head Outside for These 5 Fun Fall Activities

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October 6, 2016

I love the fall because it’s cooler than summer and warmer than winter. I’m not a big fan of temperature extremes, so the lazy autumn days in Vermont are some of my favorites. Of course, as it gets colder, it’s tempting to spend your afternoon curled up on the couch with your favorite book and a pumpkin spice latte, but make sure not to stay too sedentary. Grab your coat and your kids and enjoy the crisp autumn weather. Here are five fun fall activities that will get you outside and moving.

Apple Picking

Just think of the cardio you’ll get reaching up and bending down to collect apples for a few hours. Take the kids and head out to your favorite apple orchard to pick apples. Whether you pick a few bags or a few bushels is entirely up to you. If you don’t have an apple orchard in your area, see if you have a pumpkin patch that lets you pick pumpkins. Go on a hike to the furthest end of the pumpkin patch to choose one.

Leaf Collecting

Here in rural Vermont, the leaves turn beautiful red, orange, and yellow colors in the fall. I love going out for a long walk in the woods to admire the colors. Collecting leaves can be a great learning activity for the kids, or for a beautiful decoupage project.

Hay Ride

I love taking hay rides at our local farm stand. Each year, near Halloween, they fill a wagon with bales of hay and take people through the now empty corn fields. At the end of the ride, you have the chance to enjoy local treats like apple cider, Vermont cheddar cheese, and homemade donuts.

Corn Maze

If you think getting lost in a corn maze sounds like fun, then I hope you’ll give this a try. Each fall, a farm in our area creates a corn maze for people to try to navigate. We look for clues along the way and spend several hours wandering around through the maze, climbing ladders to lookout platforms and trying to figure our way out. It sounds so easy until you give it a try. For those who are into technology, our corn maze has the option to travel via GPS coordinates, so you move from place to place using your cell phone.

Whatever activity you choose, make sure to get outside at some point during the nice weather. Before you know it, winter will be here, and you’ll have to start looking for your skates and sled!

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