Get Electric: 3 Ways to Wear Neon

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May 30, 2013

Perhaps you’ve been waiting and hoping for the neon trend to disappear. Well, it hasn’t. In fact, for spring/summer it is bigger than ever. A pop of neon can really lighten your daily look and add a dose of fun that screams hot weather and good times.

Neon can be worn in a variety of ways – from work to play. Neon is all about brightening up your basic look, so pick a shade in a color you already like and feel is flattering to your skin tone. These colors are bright and draw attention and they can wash you out if you choose the wrong color. Get ready to rock the neon with these fashion suggestions:

Color-Block It

When you pair neon with jeans, you can mix up the colors on the top and in your shoes. Yes, that’s right.  The dark wash of the jeans mixed with a neon turquoise blouse and a hot pink pair of pumps adds real flair to an otherwise casual day.  Pick two colors that work for you and go for it.

Another option is to choose neutral tones and add a bright neon hue. A white skirt looks great with a yellow top and nude sandals or heels.  Wearing all black is another great way to incorporate neon. A black dress acts as a neutral when matched with a neon-hued cardigan or skinny vibrant green belt looks sharp and adds color to the day.

Pick a Cosmetic Shade

When it comes to neon, you can incorporate it into your cosmetics too! I’m not advocating wearing electric green eyeliner or sun-scorching bright orange blush.Instead add a spark of neon to your nails by painting them in a lovely lacquered yellow or bright blue. The hottest lip trend this summer season is with a pop of pink or hi-def coral color.  Swiping on a cream-based lipstick in one of these shades brightens up your face and can be energizing to your mood too.

Accessorize It 

Neon accessories like an acid yellow purse or powerful pink pair of shoes can be worn together or separately to create a dash of color on a neutral-toned outfit.  This is great for work when you want to be on-trend but not too loud.  Create a backdrop with a wardrobe made up of taupe, khaki, black or white and then layer it with a few well-placed neon accessories like a necklace, shoes or a handbag. You’ll remain stylish and professional. Starting small with a neon blue clutch or stack of bracelets is a great way to dip your toes into this trend and see just how much you can rock it with confidence.

Find other ways to incorporate neon into your wardrobe.

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