Five Totally Fun 5k Runs

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July 23, 2013

As the temperatures rise my running tends to taper off, except when it comes to races that offer more excitement than your typical 5k charity run.  If you need some motivation or a way to get active with friends or family look into these slightly off-kilter, but totally fun, 5k runs.

Run For Your Life

  • The Zombie run is accelerating in popularity as quickly as the zombie plague itself. These 5ks are gruesome, run at your own risk rampages.  Participants run the 3.1 miles through trails, swamps, forests and open fields all while being chased by volunteers in full zombie costume and make-up.  Don’t get tagged by one of the walking dead or you might be disqualified.  Zombie runs are in 21 locations nationwide.
  • Held at night and in teams the Vampire 5k is offered in cities like Dallas and Washington, DC. You can choose to be a citizen or a blood sucker.  Form teams for each and get ready to run to a bloody good party at the end of the course. Races are held on farms and on trails at dusk to maximize the creepiness. Not chip-timed, this run is all fun and is great for those who only like to run if they are being chased.

Get Messy

  • Color Me Rad, Color in Motion and the Color Run are just a few of the recent bursts in “fun runs” that are becoming increasingly popular nation-wide and internationally.  With at least one color run in every state you can definitely find out what all the fuss is about behind this brightly painted race. Runners can race solo or in teams as volunteers and spectators splash them with powdered paint. By the time they reach the finish line, runners are awash in rainbows hues.         
  • Another color activity is the Bubble Run. Located in cities all over the country the Foam Fest and Bubble Run gives runners a chance to run through a series of obstacles from getting down and dirty in the mud to wading through water or being doused with bags of colored foam.  Bubble runs are all about letting your inner child out to play.

Night Life

  • Night runs are gaining popularity but the most fun is the rave-like Neon Run that is done under a series of black lights with a whole lot of neon as well.  Known as the Electric Run or Neon Night Run, runners can get decked out in disco or dance gear with a whole lot of glowing neon to run by.  Each run ends with a dance party and a whole lot of fun.

photo credit: maxwell.arnold via photopin cc

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