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Fashionably Chic Gifts for Mother’s Day

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May 7, 2012

She taught you how to pull off a company-worthy dessert in no time, got you through algebra, and was your rock throughout the many ups and downs of high school. With her big day just around the corner, now is your opportunity to show your mom how much you appreciate everything she has done for you. Instead of going with the traditional spa day or flowers (although you can’t go wrong with those gifts), engage Mom’s sense of style this Mother’s Day. Here are some tips on how to choose something she’ll love:

Orange Crush:

Make sure Mom is on the cutting edge of style by getting her a stunning clutch in the color du jour – tangerine. Officially declared the color of the year by Pantone, advise Mom to pair the citrusy tone with neutrals like khaki and grey for it to pop. She’ll be the envy of all her colleagues at the office.

Step to it:

Now that you’ve entered the motherhood years of your life, you know how much running around moms do. Consider giving something that will keep her toes happy for years to come by investing in a comfortable pair of flats that she can wear all day long – whether it’s to the office or chasing after her grandchild.  They don’t have to be expensive, but look for flats that have built-in support so her feet won’t ache after long periods of wear.

No Sweat:

If your Mom is always trying out the latest fitness trend, give her a gift that ensures she’ll be stylish no matter what new class she is trying on for size (Crossfit anyone?). Inject her routine with fresh colors via gear from Nike, UnderArmour or Lululemon.

Play favorites:

You know that sweater your mom gushes over every time you wear it? Or maybe it’s the cuff bracelet she just can’t help but try on every time she sees it. If you’re okay having the same item of clothing or jewelry as your Mom, buy her either the same trinket or something similar in style. She will be touched at how closely you pay attention.

Now that you’ve found just the right gift make sure you also tell your Mom how much she means to you and don’t forget to say thank you for everything she’s done. Happy Mother’s Day.

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