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BB Cream or CC Cream? Which Is Best?

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March 20, 2019

Beauty products sure can get confusing can’t they? BB’s and CC’s in particular. I mean, what do they even stand for?

BB originally stood for blemish balm, but now it typically stands for beauty balm. Interestingly, there is nothing “balmy” about them, rather, they are a liquid/cream form of foundation.

CC stands for color correcting foundation and these creams are most often used help with uneven skin tone, cover discolorations, and brighten skin.

But do they really work? Are they any different than a regular foundation? Which do you need, if any? And did you know you can even combine them?

Let’s start with the simple BB. These balms are great for those of us short on time because they are a serum, primer, foundation, and SPF all rolled into one cream. Usually lightweight, they offer natural-looking coverage and are perfect for daytime.

BB’s usually offer a sheer tint, a dewy look, and have vitamins and antioxidants to nurture skin. Though some BB’s say they are anti-aging, most women still choose to use a separate skincare routine with serums and moisturizers, especially at night. But if your morning routine is major crunch time, a BB is a one-step easy way to take care of skin while adding a light bit of coverage, all in one easy application. BB’s are also excellent for younger skin that doesn’t need much more than a dewy, luminous look.

CC’s offer many of the benefits of a BB but also add in vitamins to counteract dark spots and improve skin tone. They also have different color undertones—green for instance—to help counteract redness in skin. CC’s are great for concealing discoloration and acne too.

Both BB’s and CC’s are excellent foundations and yes, they can be combined! To make it even more confusing—and more like bra sizing—there are now some DD creams too. DD is the “dynamic do all” cream that combines the best of a BB and a CC.

Which to choose? Consider your main issue and needs (redness? dryness? a certain coverage you are looking for?) and choose a BB or CC that will address those issues.

Are you any less confused? When is the EE coming out?!

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