4 App-solutely Fabulous Fashion Apps

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September 10, 2014

Everyone has their go-to website for finding a good deal. We have our favorite ways to peruse the latest styles online too. We even have must-see bloggers we check in with a few times a week to get style inspiration. When it comes to apps on our phones it can be hit or miss. Some work and others end up in the never-used dead zone of our phones. A good fashion app goes beyond trends. They help you sell unwanted clothing and accessories, find pieces you just saw walk down the street and so much more.

I Want That!

For those moments that pass in the blink of an eye. Someone walks by with a killer pair of shoes or a sweater you simply have to have. There is no longer a need to chase them down and ask. Use one of these two apps.

  1. Hunt is just like it sounds. You see a beautiful ankle bootie or graphic t-shirt but don’t know where to get it. Snap a pic of a piece or a whole outfit and upload it on Hunt. There the over 2 million shoppers will go on the hunt for exactly what you are looking for and find it fast, just for you. It’s perfect for that shopping fix.
  2. Keep is perfect for street style. It takes looks seen on streets around the world and compiles them all together in one spot and makes them instantly shoppable. It works best during Fashion Week when photographing street style is at an all-time high.

Find Inspiration

We all get in a fashion rut. It’s easy to just grab and go our favorite pieces of clothing and stick with a look that works. When it is time for something new but your wallet or brain says ‘no!’ use one of these apps to keep shopping your own closet.

  1. Pose helps you find a new way to put together clothes you already own. Just open up the daily dashboard and get personalized suggestions according to your location. At Pose bloggers and stylists make up the community and share their looks in real time. You can search by occasion and shop too.
  2. Cloth helps you track your outfits. It saves times, money and keeps you organized. Each time you like what you are wearing take a quick pic and load it into Cloth. It will keep tabs on it and store it. You can tag a look with a category like “work”, “everyday” or with comments like “worked well for vacation!” and “very comfortable.” When you need to find something to wear Cloth has everything categorized and is there for your closet inspiration.

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