3 Ways to Be Summer Sun Safe

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June 6, 2013

If you’re like me, you wait all year long for summer’s golden rays of sunshine to beat down upon you as you lay by the pool, get exercising outside and enjoy time with friends and family out of the house. There’s a catch though, All this outdoor times means blocking out the sun’s damaging rays.  Beat the harmful effects of the sun – while still being out in it – with these tips that go beyond traditional sunscreen.

Full Coverage

Put on a hat! I sound like such a Mom, but it is true. I have become one of those women who sit on the beach with a giant brimmed hat placed firmly on my head. You can find a variety of styles, colors and textures to suit your look. A baseball cap is great but it won’t cover the back of your neck. Instead, find a wider brim that dips down the back for more coverage.  From straw and floppy to stiff fedoras there is something for every taste and budge. Don’t forget to throw a cover-up on before you head out the door.

Rash Guard suits are becoming more popular with adults. J.Crew has lovely options this summer for the ladies. You can stay outside, swim and be protected all over the sensitive chest and shoulder area without having to re-apply sunscreen every few hours. This is a good option for those with skins that burns easily or have sensitivity to the sun.

From the Inside Out

Another way to keep the sun’s UV rays from aging and ruining your skin is to go internal. Supplements like Skin Shift Sun Defense work from the inside of your body to help protect and reverse the sun’s damage.  Did you know that sun damage accumulates and causes oxidative stress?  Using a supplement or eating foods high in quercetin and resveratrol can help protect you from the sun. Stock up on apples, toss capers onto your chicken or pizza, and mix up a pitcher of chamomile iced tea to quench your summertime thirst and protect your skin from the inside out.

No More White Out’s

Yes, you can still apply that thick, white coat of zinc to your nose, but why?  You can get great sun protection from mists, crèmes, gels and even serums.  Whether you want a high-end luxe brand like La Mer – or your drugstore favorite like Olay – you can find an array of fabulous broad-spectrum face and body lotions, crèmes and oils that can be rubbed, misted or patted onto your skin. Dab on sunblock in lip balm form or try something totally new like Jane Iredale Powder-Me SPF 30 Dry Sunscreen.

These days the options are endless.  You can find the right products for your face, body and budget too.  The important thing is to be protected every day.  Find an SPF of 30 or over and you are good to go.

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