Will the iWatch Give Apple A Much-Needed Boost?

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July 3, 2013

When Steve Jobs died, the future of Apple wasn’t quite as shiny and certain as it once was.  Of course, there are still people who are loyal to the brand but, for a company known for innovation, there’s only so much you can entertain your audience with the iPod and iPhone, two gadgets that are already well known.  Apple has known for a while that they’d have to come up with something entirely fresh to recapture the interest of consumers.

Finally, it does look like something fresh is on the horizon.  Rumors of the iWatch about – and it sounds like something that could please established Apple users and  possibly attract new ones. The smartwatch is supposed to pair with the iPhone functionality and will display notifications and other information from the device.  While the patent has officially been registered, Apple is refusing to talk about any of the reports.

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, did address some of the rumors recently and, when comparing with Google Glass, said that the wrist was a “natural” spot to wear devices and added that Glass isn’t “going to convince a kid that hasn’t worn glasses or a band to wear one.”  He might have a point.

People have gotten into fitness bands, heart rate monitors and pedometers so the iWatch could really capture that market.  Imagine combining all of that with elements of the iPhone … that would be incredible.  Especially since Apple is also planning a lower-cost iPhone with a plastic shell.  It will make this all more attractive to a whole new demographic.

The iPhone has taken a major hit against the Samsung Galaxy which has left them reeling.  Will they be able to go up against the Google Glass with the iWatch and turn things around?  It’s entirely possible, especially if they include the right kind of features, pick a reasonable price point and market it to the right people at the right time.  There’s a couple ways this could work.   If they go for Christmastime, they could really capitalize since they will get the holiday rush and then, if they have fitness features, they will also be able to capitalize on the people committed to losing weight as a New Year’s Resolution.

Would you be interested in adding an iWatch to your gadget collection?  Will it compel you to buy an Apple product for the first time?

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